BPI WAD 12ga TPS 2.75" 1-1/8 STEEL 1.5 ITX 100/B

BPI WAD 12ga TPS 2.75" 1-1/8 STEEL 1.5 ITX 100/B
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Product Information

BPI's Tungsten Propulsion System (TPS) series of wads are the most advanced non-toxic field wads on the planet. TPS wads are designed to protect against the ballistic rigors of any tungsten-alloy and steel shot pellets, yet they are soft and pliable enough to provide highly advanced obturation (gas sealing). Our secret plastic resin formulation is what makes all the difference. 
If you are loading steel shot or tungsten-based pellets, like Hevi-Shot, tungsten-iron shot and ITX EX-13, The TPS series of wads minimize the risks of pellet contact - protecting your valuable barrel and chokes. The TPS series enhances the performance of all non-toxic shot types by providing unbeatable down-range patterns and phenomenal shot-to-shot consistency in velocities and pressures.

BPI's latest material technology and advanced TPS design effectively harnesses and focuses the retained energies tungsten alloy and steel shot. Your non-toxic loads just got better.

Technical Notes

Product Type: Wad, preslit with four slits
Size: 12-gauge 2-3/4"
Specifications: Length = 1.809", Diameter = 0.718", Thickness (mid) = 0.053", Cup depth = 1.538"
Typical Loads: 1 oz to 1-1/8 oz steel, 1-1/8 oz to 1-3/8 oz  ITX Original-10, 1-1/8 oz to 1-1/2 oz Hevi-Shot or ITX EX-13
Maximum Payload:
1-1/8 oz steel, 1-1/2 oz ITX-10, 1-5/8 oz Hevi-Shot or ITX EX-13

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Excellent wads

By Joseph L. on Feb 11, 2020
These are well made wads for non-toxic shot. They are perfect for Steel or ITX shot. Considerable load data is available in the BPI manuals. Don't be fooled by the 2-3/4" designation, they work well in 3 and 3-1/2" hulls as well with the ITX shot.

BPI Wad 12 ga TPS 2.75" 1-1/8

By Ricky K. on Dec 08, 2019
As per Ballistic Products Buckshot Loading Manual,
4th ed. , page no 50 , 12 ga 3" length , Lead Buckshot,
Fold Crimp. Load I.D. BLK80728-500 ( 5th load down
from sec. heading ) . This load recipe with TPS1275
wad regards use of Fiocchi 3" hull , Alliant Blue Dot
powder, 1/4 " felt 20 ga filler/cushion wad in TPS
1275 , and grains of Original BPI buffer to use . A
656 grain payload weight of buckshot. That's a
1.5 oz payload , the highly recommended felt filler
wad , and highly recommend buffered load. With
correct choke, this is a true long range buckshot
recipe. A tested and published load that works.
Buy the manual, load accordingly. This recipe calls for
an overshot card also.
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