Redding Die Lock Ring 7/8x14" Thread

Redding Die Lock Ring 7/8x14" Thread
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Product Information

In all Redding dies the lock ring has a piece of Bismuth captured behind the set screw which engages the die threads as the set screw is turned in. This is more costly but far more effective than a simple brass screw, which can be easily stripped and therefore made unusable.

Redding uses steel on steel for strength but places a piece of lead between the set screw and the die threads as a buffer to protect the threads from damage and provide a secure lock-up.

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Not satisfied.

By Anthony R. on Apr 11, 2023
I have used redding dies and found their lock rings superb. I purchased extra lock rings for some RCBS dies, and the locking mechanisms would not lock the rings in place no matter how tightly you turned the allen plug. I had to use blue locktite to lock the dies in place.
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