Bench Source Gas Annealer 110 Volt

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Bench Source Gas Annealer 110 Volt
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Product Information

Many times, brass necks or shoulders will split from too many reloadings or cartridge cases will work harden and be discarded that seemingly no longer shoot accurately. When annealed properly, your brass will have a longer life and display less fliers on the target. And at an average of 400-500 per hour, it won’t take up too much valuable time that you could be out burning powder!  110 volt with a 220 volt switch. Torch heads are pictured, but not included.

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Too Easy!

By Chad F. on Jun 17, 2019
Amazing piece of equipment! So easy to use and set up. Get some 650 degree tempilaq and propane and your ready to go. Simple, easy adjustment so you don’t over-anneal.


By Ron H. on Apr 02, 2019
Quality construction. Easy to setup and use. Annealing is great. I would suggest using hoses attached to nozzles and a single tank rather than two disposable torches. I think setup is easier, don’t have to remove them to put the machine away, perhaps same pressure at bothnozzle since one source of gas is used.

Quaity machine

By Michael E. on Feb 19, 2019
Very easy to set up and gives very consistent results. I used Tempilaq (650 degrees F) and followed the instructions, like it says in the booklet that comes with the machine, to get the heat just right. I also bought a couple of extension propane hoses so that I don't have to mess with the weight of the tanks on the burner mounts. I think the hoses make it easier to set up and to aim the burners.

Glad I bought this machine. Was a little pricey but I think this is one of my best purchases.

Bench source

By Gary H. on Jan 03, 2019
really impressed with quality. hour later was setup and running cases. so far I am really glad I picked this one over some of the others I looked at

bench source

By Larry S. on May 05, 2014
great first impression ,well packed and the machine itself shows an attention to detail that is refreshing to see in this age of mass production.
i can only hope the same attention was paid to the electronics and motors.
set up was easy with the directions supplied.
only needed one torch for .308 at about 4 seconds each.
it's not supplied with torches but i would like to see a small amount of temperature sensing paint included.

My new Bench Source annealer - review

By Steve W. on Jun 16, 2012
I just received my Bench Source brass annealer, opened the box, read the instructions, and proceeded to setup the tool. The setup was easy and I had my 284 competition brass all tumbled and ready. It took a couple of minor torch adjustments to get the angle just right and started. I completed all of my 450 rounds of 284 brass in 53 minutes. They look like they just came off the Lapua assembly line. Couldn't be happier and should have done this a long time ago.
A few neck tension checks of my 284 brass verified my reason for purchasing, after sizing the bullet seating was very consistent while watch seating pressure on my arbor press. I was never able to get it that close before.
One reason I purchased it was that I was able to use one before I bought mine and that's what sold me. I have been annealing with drill/socket setup as a case holder & the torch held in vise, which works OK, however, takes a long time and is just not as consistent. So I made the leap and is one of the best purchases decisions I’ve made for more consistent competition bolt rifle ammo.

Real time saver and super results!!!
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