Hodgdon LEVERevolution Smokeless Powder 8 Pound

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Hodgdon LEVERevolution Smokeless Powder 8 Pound
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Product Information

A spherical powder with a small, but specific range of uses.  It was designed to give very high velocity in the most popular lever action cartridges, with the most popular bullet weights.  SPEED is the name of the game.  This propellant produces 80 to 150 fps more velocity than any other powder we have on our reloading data center.  It is the same powder Hornady uses in their LeveRevolution  Ammunition.

Warning: Not all powders are the same. Please refer to the manufacturer's load data.

Technical Notes

LeveRevolution Cartridges

 25-35 Winchester

30-30 Winchester

308 Marlin Express

338 Marlin Express

338 Federal

35 Remington

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Reduced Loads Work Well

By Robert C. on Jul 18, 2015
Was looking for a new powder for my tricky to reload Remington 700 257 Roberts as I am constantly working up different load combinations. H4831 is my standby but H100V seemed a likely candidate looking at burn rate charts. Like others I was surprised how fast H100V felt when using published loads and was disappointed in accuracy. I was going to give up on H100V but I normally use lighter loads for reduced recoil and improved accuracy so working down to 40gr for 100gr bullets, group sizes reduced like magic by more than 50% and I’m approaching my old H4831 best loads. 40gr is well below the starting load. 46gr H4831 and 40gr H100V have about the same point of impact. It appears that 100V is not weirdly fast but has better pressure regulation so heavier loads can be used. It may be just my particular combination, but if you have had mediocre results with H100V try reducing your charges.
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