CLAYBUSTER WAD 12ga 1 to 1-5/8oz (WAA12) 500/BAG

CLAYBUSTER WAD 12ga 1 to 1-5/8oz (WAA12) 500/BAG
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Product Information

For use in 1 to 1-5/8 oz. trap, skeet, sporting clays or hunting loads. Performs best in tapered hulls, Remington or Winchester.

Optimum load is 1-1/8 oz.

Featuring Lead-in Taper

5 Bag Limit or Purchase a Case of 5,000 Here.

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Claybuster WAA12 wad

By Matthew R. on Mar 13, 2024
This is a great wad for replicating the Winchester Super Handicap shell in the AAHS hull. Love Grafs flat rate shipping, will definitely be buying more. Thanks Grafs!

WAA12 Wads

By JOHN F. on Sep 23, 2023
Great wads for AA and Remington sts hulls. Fast shipping

cb 1118-12 wads

By Thomas F. on Jul 03, 2023
great for AA and remington hulls

AA, STS, Gun Club Great loads

By Ron O. on May 31, 2023
These work very well in AA, STS, Gun Club hulls with excellent crimp using Tight Wad and International Clays. ES is decent at 15-17 with 1.13oz loads

Great for Remington hulls

By Debra W. on Feb 13, 2023
Love these wads for Remington hulls and AAs too when I can find those hulls. They slide in with no hitch and height in hull is perfect. Like that they are clear too.

Excellent WAD

By Michael O. on Oct 14, 2020
These Wads WAA12 go into the Win AA Hulls smoothly, compressing the powder and securely holding the shot prior to closing the shell. I would also like to complement & extend my thanks to those responsible for packing up orders with care... keeping items from being damaged in transit.

WAA12 replacements

By Brad B. on Oct 10, 2020
Great wads, great price, quick shipping! Thanks Graf and Sons.

winchester WAA12 Replacemnet wads

By Shawn F. on Oct 04, 2020
Works great with AA hulls as well as Winchester universal hulls . Also works with Remington gun club, Sts & premium hulls great product !

WAA12 wads

By Jeff F. on Oct 02, 2020
Works great with AA HS hulls

CB1118 Wad

By MICHAEL R. on Jun 11, 2020
These CB replacement wads for the old Win WAA12 wads work perfectly for new Rem and Win hulls as well as the old Double A and Blue Magic hulls,Wad column is perfect height for perfect crimp.

Clay buster wads

By Gary L. on May 18, 2020
A great wad at a great price . A must for reloading to keep cost down .

CB1118B Wads

By Joseph W. B. on Nov 29, 2019
Good replacement wad by Claybuster at a reasonable cost at Graf & Sons.

Claybuster wads

By Robert W. on Jul 31, 2019
Been using Claybuster wads for decades with excellent results.

Claybuster WAA12 wads

By John M. on Feb 26, 2019
Well made wads with plenty of available reloading data.


By Joe M. on Dec 03, 2018
Good for new style Winchester AA HS hulls. Has a lead in taper that slides by the base wad of the hull without catching.

winchester WAA12 replacement wads

By ZACHERY H. on May 24, 2012
Worked great in AA hulls there was a little dishing with Remington Nitro Golds.
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