CLAYBUSTER WAD 12ga 1-1/8 (12S3) 500/BAG

CLAYBUSTER WAD 12ga 1-1/8 (12S3) 500/BAG
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Product Information

For use in 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 oz. trap, skeet, sporting clays or hunting loads. Performs best in straight wall cases such as Federal paper or plastic and Fiocchi.

Optimum load is 1-1/8 oz.

5 Bag Limit or Purchase a Case of 5,000 Here.

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ClayBuster 2118-12

By Jeffery B. on Feb 24, 2023
Good wad for 1 1/8 oz 7 1/2 shot loads in Federal Gold Medal Paper Hulls. Fill was right and crimp worked great with these. Paper hulls are only straight wall hulls I use, so only application I have tried with these wads.

Too short for federal white plastic basewad hulls and 1-1/8oz

By John A. on Jan 21, 2023
I tried using these in some Top Gun hulls with the white plastic basewads, Lyman gold medal data Red dot, international, universal, etc.
Every powder with said hulls and any straight hull with a short/deep basewad like said hulls with 1-1/8oz shot, and the S3 wad, just doesn’t bring the stack high enough(without added filler cards) to produce flat crimps. The crimps all dish in. I’m sure with a 1-1/4oz load they make produce nice crimps, not with 1.125oz shot(#7-8 shot), would need to over stack the cup to get it up to right height. You need to add 1/16-1/8” cork or similar type card above shot, or add over powder cards to get up to height. That’s just one extra step and COST to produce a nicely crimped target load. I moved to the CB6118-12 WW type 1-1/8oz wad, which gives PERFECT HEIGHT on my stack with very nice flat consistent crimps. 12S3 wads we’re designed for the old paper basewad hulls or hulls with a slightly taller basewad. They work great for slug cushions with petals removed, buck loads, but not the new Plastic basewad Top Gun hulls(without over stack or extra filler help).

Fed 12S3 Replacement

By John A. on Jan 07, 2022
Unlike the Federal 12S3, which is excellent for slugs, these clones have thick ribs on the inside of the shotcup that splay the petals as a slug is inserted. Don't buy them for slugs.

claybuster wad 20g

By Burnburn127127 A. on Nov 14, 2020
good service,,,fast delivery,,,awesome company

Clay buster 12S3 1-1/8 STRAIGHT HULL WAD

By ROBERT M. on Jun 28, 2019
Excellent wad for non tapered hulls. Work excellent in Federal Top Guns and Rio hulls.

Fed 12S3 sub

By Stanley H. on Apr 22, 2019
Worked just fine.

12WS3 Replacement

By Michael M. on Feb 25, 2019
Very nice and fast shipping!

Claybuster 2118 wads

By Deon V. on Sep 07, 2018
I have used these wads very successfully for more than 20 years with very goog results

Claybuster Cb2118-12 Wad

By Joseph W. B. on Aug 16, 2018
I have had no issues with this wad in straight wall hulls.
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