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Product Information

For use in 1 to 1-1/8 oz. skeet, sporting clays or hunting loads. Designed for Federal and all Imports.

Optimum load is 1-1/8 oz.

5 Bag Limit or Purchase a Case of 5,000 Here.

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By Andy N. on Jan 31, 2024
Work perfect in Top Gun hulls. 1 1/8 load of #8 with 700X yields a good crimp

Perfect for the newer federal white plastic basewad hulls!

By John A. on Dec 21, 2023
These are the OPTIMUM REPLACEMENT for the 12S3 wads in the “newer” white plastic basewad federal hulls. These CB-6118B wads will give you a PERFECT STACK with a 1-1/8 oz load of #7,8, or 9 shot, without any added filler cards or needing to over stack the wad. Unlike the 12S3 wads, which were designed for the older paper/fiber basewad Federal hulls which had a slightly taller basewad. The 12S3 is a fine wad for those style hulls and 1-1/8 oz loads, or just being used as cushion wads for slugs with the petals cut off, or traditional stack buckshot loads.
But if you’re trying to load 1-1/8th oz target or field loads with the “newer” Federal white plastic basewad, the Federal premium IBW, fiocchi, Cheddite, or any straight wall hull with the low plastic basewads? THESE CB-6118B wads are the wads you want… me!
The S3 WILL leave your stack low and give you dished in crimps, UNLESS YOU ADD A 1/16 or 1/8” foam, cork, or felt overshot card, OR A OVERPOWDER CARD, Which is just extra work.
Just avoid the hassle and order these for Top Gun hulls or other similar basewad straight wall hulls. They work just as good as the S3 wad without needing to add extra filler cards or over stacking the wad.


By Larry J. on Mar 11, 2023
The CB6118 is the only wad I have used. It makes for a great crimp and superb performance.

Claybuster CB6118

By Matthew R. on Jul 22, 2022
These claybuster 1-1/8 oz wads are a great wad, I use them in all straight wall hulls from Federal to Rio. They give a perfect stack height allowing for a nice flat crimp and they also pattern well. Grafs is one of my favorite places to order reloading components because of their fast flat rate shipping.

Great wad for federal hulls

By Debra W. on Nov 05, 2020
When my local FFL was out of stock I turned to claybusters website and found Graf's. Very happy with the price and turnaround shipping time. This wad is great for federal hulls. My husband prefers federal instead of winchester and these can be hard to find. Also like that they are pink so easy to see in the sky. Packaging was great. Will definitely order again.


By Timothy D. on Oct 30, 2020
works great in rio hulls

Exactly as described

By Reece M. on Oct 13, 2020
Works great for my straight walled hulls great price and it's fun to have unique colors on the trap field.

Versatile wad

By William S. on Sep 15, 2020
No complaints about this wad that fits well in straight wall cases.

Makes my stack height perfect!

By Scott P. on May 12, 2020
I use this wad in Federal Gold Medal hulls with Intl. Clays powder for a 1235fps. handicap load. I substitute it in place of a 12SO3, which tends to give me slightly dished crimps. The CB6118B gives me perfect crimps and excellent performance.


By MIKE M. on Mar 04, 2020
I use this wad regularly. It is so versatile in the straight wall hulls.
Good product
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