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Tired of picking up .223 brass from your AR? The AR-15 Brass Catcher attaches to the forearm of any AR with hook and loop webbing and captures the ejected brass. It prevents brass from being scattered around your shooting area.Also works great in preventing hot brass from landing on shooter or other people next to the shooter.Wire frame holds fabric in correct shape and allows brass to enter bag without disruption to bolt function or interrupt cycling. Captures and holds approximately 30 rounds. Convenient zipper at bottom of mesh bag makes emptying simple.

  • Quickly attaches to any AR-15
  • Holds approx 30 rounds of spent brass
  • Zipper for easy emptying
  • Won't interfere with gun's cycling

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Read 5 Reviews - Average Rating: 4 stars

Bests looking for brass on the ground

By Lawrence A. on Nov 07, 2020
Attaches on an AR securely and doesn't interfere with ejection of cases. So far so good.

Caldwell AR brass catcher

By Travis J. on Sep 10, 2020
It will work in a pinch but the bag stops some of the brass before it clears the chamber and causes a jam. looking for another brass catcher. Using the catcher in a timed match so this bag can be frustrating.

Brass catcher

By John W. on Aug 18, 2020
Fits great and easy to use makes capturing brass a breeze! Great product!

Works, mostly

By Eric H. on Apr 20, 2020
Attaches easily enough. Materials are good and zipper works well. Happy with the price point. Sometimes the rear can sag down (only the front attaches to rifle) and brass will fly out above the catcher.

I might be able to rig a second attachment at the rear that would make it perfect.

A must have for AR reloaders

By George D. on Dec 13, 2018
I've been using the Caldwell brass catcher for years on my various AR guns as I reload my ammunition and am a little OCD about losing hulls. Actually a lot OCD - I crawl around sifting grass to find my empties. I'm trying to figure out how to modify one to fit a bolt action! This device is easy to put on and take off and does a good job of catching fired brass in the bag. You do need to be careful to make sure the "mouth" is open and in place to catch the brass, but if it is, it works well. I got this one for my brother and his AR when he noticed mine and wanted one. This product is a little awkward on a semi like a Browning BAR with the bolt pull on the side but I have used it on one. Works best on a regular AR with a charging handle.
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