FIOCCHI AMMO 12ga SPREADER 1-1/8oz 1250fps #8 250/cs

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Product Information

*This item is sold per case. 250 units are in a case.*


Fiocchi Spreader loads are designed for close range shots on clay birds. Semi-auto shotgun shooters don’t have the option of changing chokes in their barrels during a two shot station of sporting clays like over/under or side by side shooters ofen can.  Fiocchi Spreaders utilize a combination of softer shot that deforms and spreads faster than magnum/target shot and purpose-built wads that encourage pattern spread at shorter distances. Keep a box or two of Fiocchi Spreaders in your shooting kit with your usual target loads just in case you encounter a challenging close target or two at any station.  This is loaded ammunition.

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