Berger Reloading Manual

Berger Reloading Manual
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This 829-page manual contains load data for seventy-one different cartridges.
Also includes numerous informative technical articles of great interest and value for novice as well as advanced shooters.

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Badly in need of a comprehensive update.

By Michael W. on Mar 23, 2024
Berger is the outfit for long range bullets, but their manual has the most preposterous proposition; and that is, loading a 223 Remington with a 90 grain VLD to an overall length of 2.260 in a 24 inch barrel! This is absolutely ridiculous! Why they didn't throat a barrel for a COAL of, at least, 2.680, using at least a 28 to 32 inch barrel, is beyond me. The only people using these bullets in a 223 Remington are Palma and FTR competitors. CATER to your clients; not SAAMI. Put a disclaimer in the book that the COAL is not standard and a warning to the effect that using a COAL shorter than tested will result in increased pressure.

Lacking info

By Craig S. on Oct 19, 2023
I was a little disappointed in that if doesn't list some of the newer cartridges like the 300 PRC. The PRC has been out for awhile now and I feel that it should have been in the manual. Wish I had read a little closer

Berger Reloading Manual

By James W. on Jan 11, 2021
Very well written, with some very fine company history too. If you shoot Berger bullets, this manual is a must have.

Berger Reloading Manual

By Richard B. on Oct 19, 2020
I was a little disappointed to not find any loads for my Hart Custom 280 Ackley Improved or for any of the newer Classic Hunter bullets. I did find 7mm-08 loads for the Classic Hunter bullets on line. I currently load their 168 CH over H4831SC with decent results. Hopefully they offer an updated version soon for AI loads with Classic Hunter bullets.

Best Book and Bullets Out There!!!

By Bryce H. on Jun 24, 2020
Berger makes the best bullets on the planet. If you want tight groups, then these are the bullets to shoot.

Great manual

By Jayson W. on May 03, 2019
Quality manual that is bound very well. A must for anyone loading Berger bullets. Has great info and detail on the cartridges. It’s the only manual I have found to have Berger 140’s in it

THIS is the manual.

By Jeremy H. on Mar 31, 2019
If you want to know why you are doing what you are doing this is the manual for you.
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