FEDERAL (LC) AMMO 5.56mm 62gr M855 GREEN-TIP 12,500/BBL

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FEDERAL (LC) AMMO 5.56mm 62gr M855 GREEN-TIP 12,500/BBL
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Product Information

New Federal/Lake City M855 Ammunition.

62 gr. FMJ Green-Tip Penetrator ammunition. Sealed primer. Mil-Spec. Hardened steel penetrator core. Brand new off the production line !

Bulk packed 12,500 rounds in heavy duty steel drum, steel clamp on lid with rubber seal, plastic lined and packed with dessicant packages for long term storage from the factory !

+ actual freight to the destination.

Call and provide a commercial shipping address for LOW shipping rates !

Technical Notes

NEW lake City 62 grain Green Tip Penetraor ammo.

New Production.

Brass case


Boxer primed.

Annealed Case.

Crimped primer!

Full Mil-Spec !

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