BARNES 30(.308) 165gr TSX BULLET BOAT-TAIL 50/bx

BARNES 30(.308) 165gr TSX BULLET BOAT-TAIL 50/bx
BARNES 30(.308) 165gr TSX BULLET BOAT-TAIL 50/bx
BARNES 30(.308) 165gr TSX BULLET BOAT-TAIL 50/bx
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Product Information

  • Caliber: 30 Cal
  • Type: TSX BT
  • Weight: 165
  • Diameter: .308
  • S.D.: .248
  • B.C.: .398
  • Length: 1.301
  • Box QTY: 50
  • Catalog: #30349

Like the X-Bullet™, the Triple-Shock X™ features all-copper construction, no fragmentation, maximum weight retention and 28 percent deeper penetration than the best lead-core bullets offered. On impact, the bullet face opens to create four razor-sharp cutting edges. The Triple-Shock X™ ringed bullet provides significantly greater velocities, lower pressures and less fouling, without requiring an external coating. The bullet delivers a triple impact-one when it first strikes game, another as the bullet begins opening, and a third devastating impact when the specially engineered cavity fully expands to deliver extra shock with maximum transferred energy.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Barnes TSX bullets

By John Z. on Sep 23, 2022
I've been a reloader since 1965, have used MANY different bullet brands, including many "premium" bullets. For some years now I have used the Barnes TSX exclusively for my "go to" hunting bullet. Testing them against other bullets I have found them to be very accurate, as well as expanding properly and holding together reliably for deep penetration. Quick kills here in the USA and in Africa!

TSX bullets

By Lewis S. on Apr 02, 2020
My favorite big game hunting bullet. Great penetration, they don't fragment, no toxic lead, and they have great expansion. Barnes has been building solid copper bullets longer than anyone and they do a great job building very consistent, lethal bullets. Also, the bullets come in a handy reusable plastic storage box.

TSX bullets

By James S. on Nov 08, 2019
These bullets have shot excellent in all my rifles from my 308 Winchester to my 325 WSM.
These are the bullets I will hunt with from now on. JRS

TSX bullets

By James S. on Sep 21, 2019
I've reloaded everything imaginable for over 40 years and harvested hundreds of deer in my time. I still hunt almost everyday during our long hunting season here in South Carolina. I have personally seen and experienced about every kind of hunting bullet they make. But I have to say this TSX bullet is by far the most devastating bullet I have every seen. Any bullet will kill a deer if placed in the right spot. But this bullet has the most lethal power I have experienced. And the bullet is extremely accurate so that's a big plus. Great bullet.
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