Dillon Case Lube Spray 8oz

Dillon Case Lube Spray 8oz
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Product Information

Rapid Lube 5000, Dillon's aerosol cartridge case lubricant, has been replaced by an "environmentally correct," non-aerosol case lube. It works the same: Simply lay your cases out, spray lightly with one or two passes and you've done it. No mess, no guesswork. Within minutes the lubricant distributes itself around the cartridge cases and you're ready to load. Try a bottle. You'll never use a grease pad again.

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No more stuck cases

By Tony G. on Jun 03, 2023
This stuff is great. I used the wax based lubes and had a difficult time getting consistent results when full length sizing my 6.5 Creedmoor brass. I even got two cases stuck in the die. A good friend told me try the alcohol and lanolin lube that has been out on YouTube. Since I’m kind of lazy, I read that Dillon’s lube was the same alcohol and lanolin formula. So, naturally I had to buy it instead of making my own. All I can say is, this stuff works great! All my cases, 6.5 CM, 6mm GT, 223 and 308, go into the FLS dies and have no hint of drag and remote feel of getting stuck. And, all my cases size to within 1000th of an inch from my desired bump back on the shoulders.
And yes, I’m still lazy and will buy more Dillon Lube when I need it, instead of making my own. It’s worth it for me.

Dillon case lube

By Tom T. on Mar 15, 2023
The best lube I have used.

I like the lube

By Gary B. on Sep 06, 2020
Easy to apply works well good lube

Dillon case lube

By Robin T. on Sep 01, 2020
This stuff works great . I’ve been using it for years . One bottle goes a really long way. Just put your cases in a zip lock bag or old plastic coffee can, spray 2 to 4 squirts and shake or roll around. Within seconds they are all covered. It doesn’t matter if they dry they still have the lube on them. Never had a stuck case!

Great product

By Christopher A. on Mar 02, 2020
This is the only case lube I will use!! Great product!!

Buy it

By Juan T. on Feb 18, 2020
Better than Hornady One Shot

Dillion lube

By John H. on Nov 22, 2019
Better than the kind that uses pads and there is more for the money than other sprays.

Dillon case lube

By Geoffrey H. on Oct 30, 2019
I have used Dillon case lube for many years and was happy to have found that you carry it in stock as I just ran out.

Good stuff

By George W. on Jun 26, 2019
Good stuff works better than what I was using

excellent lube

By Jeffery D. on Jun 07, 2019
I use the dillon case lube for most all my resizing needs from pistol to large rifle, have never had a stuck case using it, highly recommended.

Excellent Product

By Michael P. on Mar 21, 2019
Best on the market in my experience

Great stuff

By Brad V. on Feb 18, 2019
This is the best spray lube in my opinion


By Ed A. on Feb 15, 2019
Works great

Works Well

By Matthew C. on Dec 07, 2018
This case lube works well, especially for longer cases that tend to be harder to resize. Will buy again.

Great Product

By Franklin T. on Aug 09, 2018
This is the best case lube I have used. It is my goto case lube. I have had zero issues with this product!
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