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A roller handle reduces operator fatigue during long reloading sessions and makes primer seating easier. Fits Dillon 500/550/650/750 presses. Black handle is plastic; Blue is aluminum.

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By Chris W. on Dec 10, 2023
As soon as I bought my Dillon 750 people told me I needed to upgrade the handle. I put it off for a couple years because the other handle worked fine too. Now that I have this handle, I definitely appreciate how much better it is. I wish this came standard with the presses.

Great improvement!

By George M. on Feb 19, 2023
I’m surprised that Dillon would even sell the ball handle with their presses when clearly the roller handle is much better! I have no fatigue using this handle- I wish I could sell my ball handle back to Dillon.

A Must Have

By Nicholas L. on Dec 27, 2022
If you’re looking at this, then it’s probably because you’ve already experienced fatigue/discomfort from using the ball grip for extended reloading sessions. As others have indicated, this is a must have if you’re reloading at extended intervals (IE 1hr or more).

Roller Handle

By William G. on Jan 13, 2021
This handle provides a much better feel and I feel less fatigue after loading for a couple hours. A great improvement!

Roller Handle

By Gary W. on May 22, 2020
This handle makes loading far more ergonomic. The "ball" handle got my hand sore when loading in long sessions while the roller handle eliminates the pain in the palm of your hand. I find it most useful while standing or while directly in front of the press. I'm glad I made this purchase and recommend it to everyone. After all, these are high output machine and deserve a comfortable handle. I just wish Dillon would include this with the press since it makes such a wonderful difference!

Roller handle

By Jerry H. on Aug 29, 2019
Roller handle should be standard with this press


By John B. on Jul 04, 2019
This handle works much better than original one supplied. It reduces impact on wrist while reloading. After manny years of using the ball handle, use of the roll handle eliminated the numbness in my palm.

A must have!

By Roderick D. on Sep 24, 2018
This is a must have upgrade for your dillon press. Much more comfortable than the ball head arm. Great if you load hundreds at a time.
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