Dillon Super Swage 600

Dillon Super Swage 600
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Product Information

Dillon Super Swage 600

Until now, reusing military brass, with its crimped primer pockets, has been a tedious task. The Dillon solution is a remarkably simple device that bolts to your bench and allows you to swage the primer pockets with speed and ease. The case is supported from the inside, so you won't be tearing the rims off the brass. A tool steel, hardened swage rod (easy to change from large to small primers) simply rolls the crimp away. No reaming is necessary. Dillon's unique compound cam leverage system assures not only ease of operation, but perfect alignment with each and every round. Sound simple? It is and it works. The Super Swage 600 comes with large and small swage rods, .22 and .30 caliber backup rods, and a 45ACP adapter.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Read 23 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

dillon 600 super swage

By Mike C. on Jun 30, 2023
jjust got it. did 50 cases. and dam this thing is great, wish i had it long ago great

Seamless Operation

By Mark T. on Oct 05, 2020
Received mine from Graf's a few days ago. It works perfectly. Operation was so simple, I was able to do it without help. I did not want to permanently attach it to my hand loading bench. I screwed it into a length of 2x4 and clamped it onto my Black and Decker work bench. No wobble, no problems. Same exact feel when seating primers with hand seater. Excellent tool for the purpose. It beats the heck out of reaming out the pocket by hand or with a power screwdriver. No brass shavings, either.

A Gotta Have

By Thomas M. on Jul 27, 2020
I borrowed one from a friend years ago and like how well it worked. At the time, I could not bring myself to spend the money as I did not need one on a regular bases. I purchased one a few months ago. I am glad I now own one. Money well spent.

Dillon 600 Super Swage

By George S. on May 22, 2020
Dillon Super Swage 600 is just one more quality product available from Dillon Precision Products,Inc. and sold through Graf & Sons..573-581-2266. Easy to set up and use right from the shipping box..My primary need was to remove or swage the primer pocket on the .556-.223 military brass...Works just like advertised ..very efficient..would recommend this product for anyone using Military crimped brass..its a must..

Dillon swager

By James J. on Apr 16, 2020
Works as described. Saves me lost primers and cases on crimped military cages.

Amazing Tool!

By Chris B. on Apr 03, 2020
I can honestly say I don't know how I went so long without this tool. It's quickly becoming the favorite thing on my bench. No more removing crimps by hand or using the electric drill. The Dillon 600 Super Swage is fast, efficient and easy-to-use. Primer pockets turn out perfect every time!

Dillon primer pocket swager

By Randall C. on Mar 30, 2020
I have been wanting a better setup to take care of my military 223 brass. I have an Rcbs primer pocket swager and it works ok, but not that good. So, finally I got the Dillon and wow, what a difference. It’s faster and the primer pockets turn out so much better and it’s easier to use. With the way it engineered it’s so easy to swage my brass. It takes less effort. I wish I would have done this a long time ago

Dillon 600

By Erik N. on Dec 19, 2019
For those of us with arthritis this fast and easy tool is a must have. No more painful grinding away primer pockets on slippery cases. Ditch the laborious and time consuming hand method. This skookum tool helps case prep fun again.

Great product

By Stephen H. on Oct 18, 2019
Picked this up to speed the process of loading and it does an excellent job. I would highly recommend this product to anyone loading 5.56

Dillon 600 Super Swage

By CHIYEN C. on Jul 15, 2019
Easy to set up and operation is effortless. And most importantly it gets job done quickly and precisely. However, it may leave a little mark inside the cartridge bottom.

Dillon 600 super swage

By Ray J. on May 27, 2019
Yes this is a great product , fast, easy, and does the job. I would recommend this swage tool for all your military primer pockets.

Dillio Super swage 600

By Ray J. on May 27, 2019
works as advertised...fast and easy.

Saves time money and effort

By Paul F. on Feb 12, 2019
Using the Super swage on 9mm cases insures no difficult cases that can't be primed be case of tight or crimped pockets. Received 2000 case from a brass suppler of new brass that one out of 5 cases had super tight pockets. This was slowing the reloading process and tough on my Dillon as well as me. Using the Dillon Super Swage open up those tight pockets and as a result was able to load 600 rounds in 2 hours with no primer seating problems.

No more blisters

By Philip H. on Dec 11, 2018
I’ve used another powered tool to cut the primer crimp and this is far superior. Holding the casing tight enough to push it onto a rotating cutter and keeping it from twisting puts a lot of strain on your skin. I’ve tried gloves, etc. This tool is easy to use and I knocked out a thousand + cases in a couple hours. No blisters. Should have bought it years ago. It will have to be adjusted for different headstamps but I just tossed ones that wouldn’t fit into another pile and ran them through after an adjustment. 2 adjustments for 1200 cases isn’t too bad.

Dillon 600 Super Swage

By Ken R. on Oct 26, 2018
This is awesome! I wish I had bought it sooner!!!

Works well but need to be careful

By Andrew K. on Sep 25, 2018
Much better than the hand reamer I was using before. You need to set it up for each individual headstamp and make sure it's centered. Once you get it down it works very well.

Dillon 600 super swage

By David W. on Sep 18, 2018
Incredible piece of equipment! Robust in design! Should give years of use!

Excellent tool

By William N. on Aug 06, 2018
The Swager is well made and easy to set up. I absolutely love this thing made case prep so much easier and faster. No longer checking range brass before picking up. This thing is fast enough to run all brass through it, .223 and .308. Well worth the money, buy Dillon don’t waste money on junk.

Works perfectly

By Scott G. on Feb 19, 2017
This was my first experience with Grafs and I am extremely happy with the service I received. As for the Dillon 600 Super Swage, it works perfectly. In doing my research about the product, some people complained. Like other reviewers here, I think it's because they didn't take the time to adjust it correctly per the instructions. If you follow the instructions, it works perfectly. It's so effortless that I wasn't sure it was working right. Any concerns I had went away when all the swaged brass took primers perfectly! I would also like to say that the quality of the Dillon is top-notch. I have not owned Dillon before, but I'm extremely impressed. Would buy again in a minute.

Very handy!

By Michael O. on Apr 10, 2016
I bought this originally to use on 5.56 brass, and I've had great success with it on thousands of cases. I recently expanded to use it on some .308 cases and then while going through some range brass 9mm, I came across some that had been crimped. I decided to purchase the additional piece necessary for swaging 9mm and had them taken care of in no time also. I was leery of changing the tool around once I had it adjusted so well for 5.56, but after I decided to go ahead, I realized it only takes a few minutes to change and adjust it for a different caliber, and easily adjusts back to the original. While it is kinda pricey for just one tool, I do feel that it is worth it simply for the ease and speed of swaging large volumes of cases. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone considering buying it.

My hands can't go fast enough

By Bruce R. on Nov 30, 2015
This was my first purchase here at Graf's and the service was exemplary, I'm not used to being taken care of so well.
This tool was a splurge for me. I am so thrilled that it far surpassed my expectations! It is no longer a chore to take care of those primer pockets. So fast and easy that my hands will have to pick up the pace ;)
No more cramped fingers or blisters drilling out those crimps whoo-hoo bucket o brass, here I come!

Wow what a great tool

By Tim C. on Mar 30, 2014
I spent weeks looking at different tools for working the primer pockets of once fired military brass. I finally settled on the Dillon 600 Super Swage and boy, am I glad I did.

Spending a little time to adjust the case holder I was able to get the primer pockets exactly how I like them (just slightly snug). The rest was easy, 500 once fired military 7.62x51 cases were ready for a new primer in about one hour. You can’t ask for a better made tool for prepping military brass primer pockets.

I highly recommend the Dillon Swage if you are working with military brass.

An excellent tool

By Gregory J. on Nov 20, 2013
I just got this 2 days ago. I have used it to swage out the crimp on about 200 cases of 223/5.56 brass. This tool works very well. In fact it works PERFECTLY. Some people on other sites have complained but I think they have not adjusted it properly. You want to adjust it so it swages just enough and not too much with a complete throw of the lever. It will feel very light at the end of the throw like you really didn't do much of anything. This is because the tool has A LOT of mechanical advantage with the lever and cam arrangement.

Do this by starting out with a very light swage and trying to set a primer. If it doesn't slide right in then adjust it in just a little bit, 1/8 turn at a time and try again until it is just right. Tighten down the lock nut and go!

I like to feel my primers go in with a little resistance and a firm seat. That way I know they are no going to fall out.

This tool is worth every penny it costs. It is MUCH faster to use than those ones that mount in a press and built to last a lifetime.

I would recommend it to a friend and would buy it all over again.
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