FIOCCHI AMMO 12ga LITEd 7/8oz 1200fps #8 250/cs

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FIOCCHI AMMO 12ga LITEd 7/8oz 1200fps #8 250/cs
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Product Information

*This item is sold per case. 250 units are in a case.*


Fiocchi was one of the first to offer performance- specific low recoil target loads for shotgun shooters. Our renowned 12 gauge 7/8 ounce “Training” load at 1200 feet per second has been a long time favorite of shooting instructors to bring new shooters into shotgunning with a minimum of recoil and shooter fatigue. Tis load also moves at a velocity that is very popular among target shooters so competitors looking to increase payload don’t need to adjust their leads on moving targets. We have received reports from shooters who switched to this load from heavier loads to decrease recoil. Many expressed concern that giving up payload from 1 ounce or 1 1/8 ounce might disrupt their scores but reported breaking just as many targets or more as with the heavier loads. Tis shell delivers a pattern efficiency not seen with many other heavier loads. Our 20 gauge Lite load offers ¾ ounce of shot at 1075 feet per second with very consistent performance for sub-gauge shooters.  This is loaded ammunition.

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