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Full Length Sizing Die for 7 x 64 Brenneke. Because they offer maximum flexibility, most reloaders start their collection of Bench Rest® dies with full length sizers. Use after each firing or after several firings, when the resulting brass flow will require the case to be full-length sized. Allows case to be re-chambered in any SAAMI rifle chamber with minimal play.

  • Sizes the case neck, shoulder and body and expands the neck and removes the spent primer.
  • Precisely-positioned vent hole located in the threaded or recessed portion of the die body prevents excessive, trapped air and/or lubrications from damaging the die’s components or your cases.

Our Bench Rest® Sizing Dies are manufactured from the finest quality steel and are hand polished both before and after heat treating to guarantee an extra-fine finish. They are all equipped with our exclusive E-Z Out Expander button which solves the age-old problem of keeping case necks concentric during the neck expanding operation. The Floating E-Z Out Expander corrects misalignment of the center spindle assembly and prevents the case neck from pulling off center during the expanding procedure. Our exclusive design also reduces the effort required to draw the expander through the case neck because it takes full mechanical advantage of the power developed in the linkage of your press. Our Bench Rest Sizer Dies are manufactured with one-piece reamers to help guarantee concentricity between all machined diameters.

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