Hornady Bullet Puller Cam Lock with Body

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Hornady Bullet Puller Cam Lock with Body
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Product Information

The fastest, easiest way yet to pull bullets with your press. Just clamp down and the bullet is out. Uses standard collets (sold separately).

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Awesome product for beginner mistakes

By JEREMY H. on Mar 11, 2019
I tried the impact "hammer" styles and they didn't work. This, on the other hand, saves a lot of bullets when you seat just a bit too deep.

Good quality product for a fair price

By Borys S. on Feb 12, 2019
Versatile stuff. Easy to adjust grip. Can be used for mess-free disassembling of ammo. Being properly adjusted leaves almost no signs on copper.
Eccentric lever is an example of good user friendly design.
A small drop of grease put into eccentric mechanism would be useful for yet more smooth operation and long life of the device.

Hornady Bullet Puller

By John T. on Dec 17, 2017
I received my Hornady Bullet Puller Friday, set it up and used it on Saturday. I pulled 65 rounds of 45-70-405 bullets because the cases all needed to be resized. Before this, I pulled some with an impact puller. Never again. The Hornady was so easy to use I'll never use anything else to pull a bullet again. What a great tool ! Easy set up, and very easy function. Worth the price...

What a great tool that every gun owner should have

By Richard H. on Apr 14, 2013
After having little luck with a kinetic puller, I purchased the Hornady CamLock puller from Grafs. What a great device. After reading the directions, inserting the correct collet and installing it on my press, I started pulling 8 mm bullets with ease and I proceeded to pull 50 in a matter of minutes. It went as quickly as I could change cartidges, lock the camlock and drop the press handle. No marks were left at all on the bullets. I am extremely impressed.

so easy

By Kevin J. on Mar 13, 2013
Best designed bullet puller ive came across. Easy to use and change collets for different size bullets. Does not damage bullet when pulling

Fastest and easiest!!

By Dusty B. on Dec 29, 2012
This is the fastest and easiest puller I have ever used. After you get it setup you won't believe how fast it goes. I pulled all the screw-ups I made over the years that my other puller didn't touch. Saved bullets and some brass too. Also. I pulled some military stuff (8mm & 7.62x54 ) to reduce the loads for my grandson and wife. Seems made to last a lifetime. Collets aren't to high of cost and they seem well made too.
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