Hornady Unique Case Lube Tub 4 Ounce

Hornady Unique Case Lube Tub 4 Ounce
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Product Information

This all-natural lube is easy to use—a quick swipe as you pick up cases and it’s done.

4 oz. Container

Read 13 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

best yet

By Philip A. on Feb 01, 2024
one of the best lubes I've ever used!

This works very well

By John K. on Oct 26, 2023
I have tried several different case lubes and always kept coming back to RCBS but things are changing. This lube goes on easy and really slicks up the brass for sizing. Virtually mess free and no detectable small. It only takes the smallest amount to get the desired effect.

Great stuff

By Lionel T. on Sep 21, 2023
A little dab it will do you. If your using too much you will see your shouldered rifle cases get dents in them where the excessive lube cannot compress in the sizing die.

Hornady Case Lube

By Gary D. on Aug 31, 2023
I use this lube for many applications. My 22 hornet case are very thin walled and a little bit of this on the mouth of the case applied with my finger works perfectly when neck sizing. I also use this when I roll crimp my shotgun shells, makes a perfect crimp. Try it you will like it.

Two methods using Unique case lube for case forming

By Stephen B. on Mar 03, 2023
I've have a hard time finding 30-40 and 38-55 brass for a couple of years now. Now I resize PPU .303 to make 30-40 by using my fingers to put a light coat of Hornady lube on case exterior and inside the neck. Run it up through the 30-40 sizing die using consistent pressure. Tumble to take the lube off and your done. I use 30-30 brass with this case lube and progressively larger decapping expanders with lightly lubed case necks yields to make 38-55 brass. A little short but with lead bullets I can't tell the difference.


By Ryan J. on Dec 13, 2022
I've been doing it wrong my whole life! Tried lube pads, spray lubes, homemade lubes. This beats them all. A little on the fingers rubbed just below the case shoulder and they slide right in. Even 30-06 fired in my M1Garand, which is slightly less painful than dental work to resize goes smoothly. A little alcohol on a rag wipes the lube right off when done.

Hornady Unique Paste Lube

By Michael S. on Oct 18, 2020
This lube is my go to for brass cases. I prefer it over Redding Imperial wax. I have never had a stuck case with Hornady Unique, unlike Imperial wax. Wipes off the cases with ease and is odorless. I recommend it, however you need to use it sparingly and avoid the shoulder to avoid dents.

great lube

By Dennis K. on Aug 18, 2020
I have been reloading for 35 years and used all kinds of lube's I have found that the Unique is the best, I will never use another. This lube goes a long way just make sure you use very little.

Easy to use

By Tyler C. on Jul 26, 2020
This is easy to apply with just a little bit on the fingertip. Wipes of easy with a paper and is not messy. Plus no odor. A little bit goes a long way and this should last me a long time. I would recommend.


By Phillip M. on Apr 18, 2020
Works great! No stock cases anymore.

Hornady Unique Case Lube Tub

By David B. on Mar 16, 2020
I have used Hornady One-Shot spray lube for a long time and it is really great. I decided to try this Hornady Unique Case Lube to compare. It works great and a $4 tub will last a LONG time. It applies easily, not greasy, and doesn't stink. It wipes off easily after sizing. There is no waste like there is with sprays. I am really impressed and definitely recommend!

Great stuff

By Chris R. on May 15, 2019
works great in large rifle

I like this product a lot

By Borys S. on Dec 26, 2018
Used it for full-sizing approx 3500 .308win cases and liked it a lot, because:
1) It's easy to apply
2) it has light good aroma (vs some stinky greases)
3) it is great lubricant - very small quantity of evenly applied stuff is enough for problem-free sizing
4) it can be easily removed from cases (I use paper towels), which prevents dust sticking around
5) my finger skin like it too :)
Comparing to Redding imperial die sizing wax, Hornady case sizing wax, Hornady case lube spray and some other respectable products - I consider Unique Case Lube to be the best choice.
Great product for very reasonable money.
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