BPI WAD 12ga TPS 35mm 3/4 STEEL 1-1/8 ITX 100/BG

BPI WAD 12ga TPS 35mm 3/4 STEEL 1-1/8 ITX 100/BG
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Product Information

The TPS 41mm and 35mm wads were developed as highly efficient carriers of dense tungsten-alloy payloads. They work well in conjunction with gas seals (e.g., X12X) in longer rounds and alone in short-chamber rounds. These innovative wads are the first tungsten-capable wads for 2-1/2" available to the world loading market.


Tungsten-alloy pellets, regardless of size, require a shotcup specifically designed to manage the weight (i.e., density) and hardness of the pellets. Tungsten Propulsion System (TPS) shotcups by BPI are made to handle the physical rigors of tungsten-based pellets, like Hevi-Shot and ITX EX-13, minimizing the risks of pellet contact and protecting your barrel and chokes.


Our custom TPS molding resin is soft and pliable; TPS wads provide an unmatched barrier between pellet and barrel. New material technology allows the TPS design to absorb and harness the energetic nature of hard tungsten alloys and steel shot.

Technical Notes

Product Type: Wad, preslit with four slits Size: 12-gauge 2-1/4" to 3" (with gas seals) 
Specifications: Length = 1.448" (35.5mm), Diameter = 0.718", Thickness (mid) = 0.058", Cup depth = 1.201"
Typical Loads: 3/4 oz steel, 1 oz to 1-1/8 oz  ITX Original-10, 1-1/8 oz to 1-1/4 oz Hevi-Shot or ITX EX-13

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