BERRY 45 (.452) 185gr HHP BULLET HYBRID-HP 250/BX

BERRY 45 (.452) 185gr HHP BULLET HYBRID-HP 250/BX
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Product Information

Our NEW Hybrid Hollow Point is a bonded copper plated bullet with a swaged lead core. The Hybrid design was created by merging two developmental HP design ideas. When loaded at recommended velocities, the Hybrid Hollow Point penetrates 11" to 13" in gelatin with excellent accuracy and a minimum of 98% weight retention.

COL = 1.185"
Recommended velocity = 975 - 1125 fps

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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High quality

By Grant P. on Mar 01, 2023
I have been loading Berry's bullets for years. I really like the hhp line. Very accurate and clean.

Berry's 185 grain hybrid hollow point

By Mike T. on Dec 11, 2022
I am really impressed with the accuracy of this bullet. I push it with a max charge of Unique substituting the Speer 185 gold dot loading information from speer online data and Aliant online data. Both data sources are the same.
I shoot it from a plain old 1911 Springfield Armory A1 with a 5 inch barrel. My 7 shot groups at 25 yards are consistently 1.5 inches or less. I'm usually using brass with a small primer pocket and I use federal small magnum pistol primers. They don't lead my bore, at max velocity in the 45acp, and they are as accurate as the best jacketed bullets I've ever used in my 60 years of handloading experience.

great in S&W Shield

By Ewald F. on Jul 13, 2020
These are good and economical bullets. Using x.x gr. W231 load, they grouped about 1.5" at 20 yards in a S&W Shield, expand well in water filled milk jugs, accomplishing my objective. They didn't group as well with a 4" 1911 or a 3.5" 1911, not sure if a higher velocity/ higher pressure load would be needed, or heavier bullet weight, didn't do any further load testing as the load was being developed for the Shield. For my purposes they do just as well as more expensive bullets.
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