BERRY 9MM (.356)124gr HHP BULLET HYBRID-HP 1000/bx

BERRY 9MM (.356)124gr HHP BULLET HYBRID-HP 1000/bx
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Product Information

Our NEW Hybrid Hollow Point is a bonded copper plated bullet with a swaged lead core. The Hybrid design was created by merging two developmental HP design ideas. When loaded at recommended velocities, the Hybrid Hollow Point penetrates 11" to 13" in gelatin with excellent accuracy and a minimum of 98% weight retention.

COL = 1.060"
Recommended velocity = 1050 - 1150 fps

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 8 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Great projectile for self defense

By Stephen B. on Nov 09, 2023
I have been using these 124g HP's for a few years now. Berry's makes a great product... accurate, cost effective, excellent expansion/weight retention. Only caution, these are plated, not jacketed. too much crimp will cut thru the plating and have potential for causing copper fouling/accuracy issues. See Berry's website for reloading recommendations. Not a negative complaint by any means, just information.

Great reliable bullet.

By Chris L. on Nov 09, 2023
Started using these a while back. Work well in both pistol and carbine. Great accuracy.

124 HHP 9mm

By Jason I. on Nov 05, 2023
Ordered on a Monday and they were in my mail box two days later.

great expansion

By Troy D. on Feb 01, 2023
I push these bullets hard from my .357 sig 6" barrel, I dont know how fast, but sometimes explosive results thru coyotes.

Berrys HHP 124gr

By Norman Paul O. on Sep 02, 2022
A quality bullet for reloading that can be depended upon for both practice and carry functions. Can easily be loaded with widely available data for similar weight HP projectiles with similar velocities and results. A real value!

124 gr HHP 9mm best value

By Mark W. on Jul 21, 2022
I really enjoy doing business with Graf and sons, they are one of the few you can count on to have product and a great price on all their merchandise. I have just started reloading and cannot say actually how the perform is, but the value is excellent, and the customer service is great, they are my first choice for reloading supplies.

Great value and performance!

By Jake K. on Aug 15, 2019
Loaded up to x.xgr CFE Pistol and just hit 1,100fps with a 4” barrel. They are not as consistent in expanding as Gold Dots nor HST’s but these are great bullets for a great price. With a plated jacket these will be softer on your barrel than jacketed bullets and because they are slightly oversized .355” they grab rifling better too! In research, they expand down to just under 1,000fps. Great round to buy in bulk and practice with without paying premium prices!

124gr HHP 9mm

By Matthew C. on Mar 18, 2019
I bought 1000ea of the 124gr HHP for reloading. Worked up a few loads with Power Pistol and HS-6. Results were excellent, I was able to get 1.25-1.75" groups out of my Glock 26 and 1-1.5" out of my Glock 19s. And they all were fully expanded out of both barrels at 10' into 10% clear ballistic gel with between 12-14" of penetration and expanded to .685". Some of the rounds that I loaded for the Glock 26 were a little hot when shot through the Glock 19 and would tear off one of the petals, so I had to cool them down a little for an all around cartridge for both firearms. Now I have loads that are great for home defense and cheap enough to use as practice ammo, I'll be buying a lot more.
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