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Product Information

Achieve maximum accuracy with the Caldwell Accumax Premium 9”-13” Bipod. Designed with the shooter in mind, this tactical rifle bipod features quick-deployment carbon fiber legs and soft rubber feet for enhanced stability. Dial-in with ease using the twist-lock technology, 180 degrees of leg angle adjustment and the swivel tension lever.

  • M-LOK and KeyMod adapter for easy and secure lock-up
  • Quick-deployment carbon fiber legs with vertical twist-lock technology
  • Leg angle adjustment up to 180 degrees with stainless steel push-button leg lock
  • Soft rubber feet for enhanced stability
  • Weighs only 8.8 ounces making for easy transport

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Caldwell carbon fiber bipod. It's good but could be better.

By Gregory J. on Apr 15, 2020
First off, I like it. Like it a lot. It isn't perfect, but I'd buy another.

Now that the cliffs notes are out there, here's the long winded review. Grafs did a good job with order fulfillment and shipping.

The product: I wanted a light weight but durable bipod to put on a bolt rifle (9.5lb .308 chasis-stocked) that will spend most of its life making holes in paper. I might use it on steel shoots that make me move so therefore I wanted light. I also pondered long about the height of the bipod. I ultimately decided on the 9-13" height, figuring the shorter one would never get me above the weeds and would be impractical for anything but off the bench or very manicured ranges.

After mounting it, and it mounted easily via the m-loc system, I think I chose the right product. It is light. It seems sturdy enough for my purposes. The height is a trade off. It is a little tall for my best prone position, but I was correct in thinking about low grass getting in the way. The 6-9" version would have been more comfortable prone, or off a bench, but the 9-13" height mitigates the issues I'd have with obstructions.

It doesn't "lock" when stowed. It's nice that I can stow the legs forward or aft. But, the "locking" lever only increases friction. So the legs can be bumped into contacting the barrel if I've stowed them forward. That's a bit of a problem in a precision rifle.

The legs only lock in three positions, stowed fully forward, stowed fully aft or deployed 90 degrees down. Itd be nice if there were locking points at the 45 degree point between both stowed and deployed positions. It would even provide a lower bore height from a bench or low-prone shooting position.

When the friction lock is "off" or more accurately reduced, the tilt and swivel capability is good. It gives me the capability to shift targets or "ride along" with a moving target without torquing through or twisting the the legs on the ground. Nice feature! Just wish I could lock it out when legs are stowed.

I'm not a police or military sniper. Ultimate bomb-proof durability in a war zone isn't what I need. I don't think this bipod was designed for that, but it's very good. For my purposes, it IS durable and light weight. It also is a great aid to accurate shooting. Why can't a 6-13" size be possible? That would be ideal, and additional locking angles for the legs would/could help me get a little power. 6-9" or 9-13" are your choices. Perfect prone and in the weeds, or less than perfect prone but barely above the weeds are the choices.

I like the bipod. It fills my requirements and I'd likely buy another. It could be better, but I'd still recommend it to my friends. I might "improve" upon mine by grinding intermediate locking positions for the legs. Bottom line, it's worth your money.

Disclaimer: I've got all of a week of time with it. Durable now might not mean durable later, but I hope so.

Happy shooting, free people.
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