BERGER 25(.257)115gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-HUNT) 100/bx

BERGER 25(.257)115gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-HUNT) 100/bx
BERGER 25(.257)115gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-HUNT) 100/bx
BERGER 25(.257)115gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-HUNT) 100/bx
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Product Information

The Berger VLD Hunting Bullet is one of the flattest shooting hunting bullets in the industry. VLD Hunting Bullets are identical in design to VLD Target bullets except utilize a thinner J4 Precision jacket for rapid expansion during game applications. VLD Hunting Bullets are designed to penetrate 2-3″ and then begin to expand and create a massive wound cavity up to 15″. The hydrostatic shock causes most animals to drop immediately. VLD Hunting Bullets incoporate a secant ogive design which allows the bullet to experience less drag as it travels to the target. This reduced drag is why the VLD shoots flatter, experiences less wind-drift, and has a higher retained velocity than all others. A favorite load technique for the VLD’s is touching the rifling for single-shot applications, although some rifles may prefer as much as .150″ from the rifling. Berger VLD Hunting Bullets are extremely popular for long range hunting applications. Built with highly consistent J4 Precision Bullet jackets, most favored by custom bullet makers.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Technical Notes

  • Caliber: 25 Caliber
  • Bullet Weight: 115 Grain
  • Product Line: VLD Hunting
  • G1 BC: 0.483
  • G7 BC: 0.247
  • G7 Form Factor: 1.006
  • Minimum Twist (or faster):  1:10"
  • Ogive Style: Secant (VLD)
  • Base Style: Boat Tail
  • Jacket: J4 Hunting Jacket
  • Sectional Density: 0.249
  • Bullet Dia.: 0.257
  • OAL: 1.188
  • Base to Ogive: 0.574
  • Nose Length: 0.681
  • Bearing Surface: 0.357
  • Boat Tail Length: 0.15

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Excellent target and game bullet

By Doug F. on Feb 10, 2024
Both my 25 Creedmoor and 25 PRC shoot this bullet with superior results. Extremely consistent tight groups. Be wise in your choice of barrel twist rates. My barrels are 7.7 and 8 twist rates. I am not chasing velocity, I usually stop at the first accuracy node.

25 caliber 115 grain bergers

By John L. on Feb 06, 2024
These bullets are incredible. Match grade accuracy 1/4” groups. 25 creedmore 22” barrel around 2800fps. They also are great hunting bullets. Pinky size entry holes all with softball size exit wounds with devastating internal damage. My son has had three kills this year with this bullet two deer did not take a step dead upon impact ranging from 60 yards out to 170 yards. I’ve shot two NRL’s with this rifle/bullet combo range out to 900 yards.

most accurate 25 cal. bullet

By Christopher C. on Jan 30, 2024
25 -06 1 in 9 twist 40 thousands freebore 2700 fps holy cow match grade accuracy will buy again and again and again

Excellent accuracy!!!

By Dennis F. on Nov 07, 2022
3 shot group’s covered with a nickel!!! I can’t wait to see how they do hunting!!🙌💯👍

The very best

By MICHAEL A. on Oct 22, 2019
Everyone says bergers are too high they are not if you hit every shot they are not much higher than other bullets they are the best anyone that don't buy some will never know that level more for me
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