BERRY 9MM (.356)124gr HHP BULLET HYBRID-HP 100/bx

BERRY 9MM (.356)124gr HHP BULLET HYBRID-HP 100/bx
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Product Information

Berry's Hybrid Hollow Points are the result of two merged developmental ideas. Following the same process as our Superior Plated Bullets®, they start with a swaged lead core that is then electroplated with copper to final weight. Lastly, they are re-struck to ensure precise specifications and create the Hybrid Hollow Point nose design. This design allows for maximum expansion and weight retention, becoming one of the most reliable self defense bullets available today. The 9mm's penetration is 11"-13".

This is not loaded ammunition.

Read 7 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

Good H.P. bullet

By William L. on Aug 31, 2023
Should work just fine. I don't go in for the f b i line of penetration, I worry about what is behind the "target" so I shoot these in major power factor. Will test soon

Berrys HHP 9mm 124 grain

By JOHN A. on Aug 02, 2023
Devastating round for home defense. Follow the load data recommendations on the berrys site for c.o.a.l. and max velocity. Good groupings and no failure to feed

Berry's 9mm Hybrid Hollow Point

By Larry H. on Jul 11, 2023
I haven't worked with them yet. I need to wait for cooler weather (live in AZ) to work in my garage, however they appear very excellent and very promising. 1st order placed with Graf & Sons, and I must say the experience was excellent.

Another Winner For Berry's

By Roy D. on May 03, 2023
Weight, finish, and overall specs. are excellent. Grouping at 15 yards was about 11/2" from a not so stable rest. I imagine the groups could be tightened up with a little more time spent working up loads. Overall another great bullet from Berry's.

Berry's 124 gr hybrid hollow points

By Terence P. on Apr 27, 2023
Simply devastating at max velocity, but don't expect it to pass the FBI penetration's tests. For home defense you don't have to shoot through car doors and windows though.

Well Done

By Charles P. on Apr 05, 2023
Expansion at 10' is devastating


By Jeffrey L. on Jan 24, 2023
This is a great personal defense round. Very nice grouping
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