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Item #:RCBS09460
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Product Information

The Automatic Priming Tool is fast, accurate and highly sensitive due to a unique single-stage lever system. Primers feed through the auto primer feed tube one by one, preventing potential contamination from oily fingers. Two primer rod assemblies and two primer feed tubes for large and small primers are included.

Read 2 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

No wonder RCBS has kept this tool in the product lineup so long

By Scott C. on May 14, 2023
I've used a variety of priming tools (all of them either bench type) over the years, starting with the on-press priming on my Rock Chucker when I originally started reloading 35 years ago.
I found that I didn't care for that first method, especially because it was awkward -- especially having to push upward on the operating handle -- and it was hard to get a consistent seating depth.
I then went to the now defunct Lee Auto-Prime II that I used for over twenty years, which did indeed have a way to set a fixed seating depth, and it did a good job, but it was still a bit clunky, especially with getting the primers to consistently make it to the primer punch.
I bought the RCBS APS bench-mounted priming tool and I really wanted to like it, but I had too much trouble with the priming punch getting stuck in the plastic primer strips, locking up the unit and necessitating a rather difficult partial disassembly to get working again.
I only last year obtained the standalone Forster Co-Ax priming tool and I like that, but it's rather fussy with getting the universal jaws adjusted just right, and the primers tend to get jostled out of position too easily.
I finally did what I should have done years ago and obtained this tool, and now I see why it gets almost universal praise.
Filling the tubes is surprisingly easy, although yes there are vibratory tools to greatly speed that process.
Setting up the unit itself is also easy, simply a matter of first assembling the large and small priming punch assemblies, then dropping the appropriate punch assembly into the main unit after snapping in the shell holder.
Once the tube is loaded, and the securing pin is in place, simply insert the end with the pin into the rocker arm that it goes into all the way, then pull out the pin.
The primers feed perfectly after that, with a two-stroke of the handle to operate the unit, the first to feed a fresh primer into the cup, then insert the case and seat the primer firmly into the case.
The way that the unit is set up even makes getting consistent seating without high primers or crushed primers almost impossible to mess up.
It's very easy to get the primers just below flush, approximately 0.003=0.006 below the case head, just as they should be to sensitive the primer pellet for reliable ignition.
I have one little tip to get the last primer to feed because it tends to stay in the plastic end of the tube if you just take a small Allen wrench and gently push that last primer the short distance further down the tube out of the plastic tube end.
Once I did that, I primed 100 10mm Auto cases in less than 20 minutes, taking my time at that.
As far as sturdiness of the tool, At every aspect seems really stout, especially the cast iron base and thick steel operating arm, but the rest of it is really robust, nothing like the cheap plastic-o-matic tools all tool common.
I won't hesitate to say that this is probably the best priming tool on the market that doesn't cost $600, if you know what I'm referring to and I think you do.

Good product works great

By Phillip D. on Oct 04, 2022
No issues with this item! uses my other rcbs primer tubes as well. Less fatigue than with the hand held units. does what its supposed to! As for grafs they always ship fast and package with plenty of padding in the box unlike most other shops AAAAA++++++ to Graf & sons
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