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BERRY 40(.401) 155gr HBRN BULLET 250/BX

BERRY 40(.401) 155gr HBRN BULLET 250/BX
Item #:BY54489
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Product Information

Berry's Preferred Plated bullets begin as a swaged lead core. The swaged lead cores are tumbled in an electrically charged bath containing high-grade copper ingots. The copper clings to the lead and the longer the bullets remain in the bath, the thicker the plating.  The bullets are plated to the correct size and then taken out of the bath. Plated bullets are not as expensive as jacketed bullets.  They are cleaner than lead but you'll want to stay away from magnum velocities when loading plated bullets.  This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Horrible patterns

By Stanley H. on Jul 02, 2020
I love Berry's bullets for range loads. I normally use 165 FP in my 40 S&W pistols. These bullets over Hodgdon CFE pistol powder make me look like a decent pistol shooter. They group great. So, with the 165s out of stock, I decided to try the 155gr HBRN bullet. I shot these bullets from a Glock 27, a Glock 23 with a KKM barrel and a S&W M&P 40C. I tried various loads of CFE pistol, Win Autocomp, Alliant Power Pistol, Alliant BE-86, Alliant Unique and Hodgdon Titegroup. I even used Win WSP and Federal 100M primers. Out of alll these loads, I got patterns, not groups. I have had better buckshot patterns at 30 yds. Buyer beware. For me, these bullets are useless.
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