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Product Information

Improper headspace may be dangerous to the shooter as well as an impairment to accuracy. The proper use of a Headspace Gage is the most reliable way to test the length of a rifle chamber. Forster Headspace Gages are made to exacting manufacturing standards to ensure accurate testing of your rifle's chamber. 

Forster offers three lengths of headspace gages per rifle caliber. In order from the shortest to longest, they are: GO, NO-GO and FIELD:

  1. GO: Corresponds to the minimum chamber dimensions. If a rifle closes on a GO gage, the chamber will accept ammunition that is made to SAAMI’s maximum specifications. The GO gage is essential for checking a newly-reamed chamber in order to ensure a tight, accurate and safe chamber that will accept SAAMI maximum ammo. Although the GO gage is necessary for a gunsmith or armorer, it usually has fewer applications for the collector or surplus firearms purchaser.
  2. NO-GO: Corresponds to the maximum headspace recommended for gunsmiths chambering new firearms. This is NOT a SAAMI-maximum measurement. If a rifle closes on a NO-GO gage, it may still be within SAAMI specifications or it may have excessive headspace. To determine if there is excessive headspace, the chamber should then be checked with a FIELD gage. The NO-GO gage is essential for checking a newly-reamed chamber in order to ensure a tight and accurate chamber.
  3. FIELD: Corresponds to the longest safe headspace. If a rifle closes on a FIELD gage, its chamber is dangerously close to, or longer than, SAAMI’s specified maximum chamber size. If chamber headspace is excessive, the gun should be taken out of service until it has been inspected and repaired by a competent gunsmith. FIELD gages are slightly shorter than the SAAMI maximum in order to give a small safety margin.

Read 3 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.7 stars

Easy to use

By Glenn M. on May 19, 2020
Forster makes the easiest gauge to use. you don't have to take the bolt apart and the directions make for the novelist to be able to do this job. Well made and easy to use, what more can you ask for?

Must have product

By Lowell G. on Sep 30, 2019
I was rebuilding a 1st Gen Universal M1 carbine, with an assortment of mix and match parts.
So I ordered the no go gauge, it arrived quickly, thank you Graf & Sons, and the gauge told me I had correct head space tolerance.
Test fired the weapon, perfect function and reliability.
Couldnt be happier.

30 carbine head space gauges

By Craig S. on Jul 31, 2019
I like these gauges for the simple reason that I don't have to take the bolt apart, always feel that I get accurate results
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