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Item #:FRHP1016
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Product Information

This do-it-yourself hollow pointer is the only tool of its kind on the market. It gives precision shooters the capability of fine tuning bullet weight. This tweaking of bullet weights can improve ballistics, particularly when adjusting for different barrel twists. It also allows hunters to create their own hollow pointed rounds for increased expansion on impact from either factory ammunition or reloads. The Universal Hollow pointer drills cavities in the noses of cast or jacketed softnose bullets. After the drill is locked into the cutter shaft, a loaded cartridge is placed in the collet of the trimmer. A bushing centers the drill's tip against the nose of the bullet as the cartridge is locked in place. Hollow point depth is controlled by setting the stop collar of your trimmer. Either a short or long Case Trimmer base might be necessary for very short or very long rounds, and the Hollow pointer can be used with our Case Trimmer Power Adapter. By creating your own hollow pointed rounds you'll enjoy significant economies and controllable performance because you can alter the hollow point size and depth to fit your own requirements. Shown mounted on a Case Trimmer (not included).

Read 1 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Way too much fun

By Charles P. on Apr 05, 2023
Started in with some lead cast semi wadcutters and am going to try some copper plated round nose bullets next. Very easy to use - not a production mode tool but the results are excellent.
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