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Item #:GR11
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Product Information

Sold by volume, weight is approximate.

For use with vibratory case tumblers. Walnut is more course than corn media and as a result, it is a better cleaning media. Walnut media typically has a longer service life than corn. For best results, treat media with Graf Hi-Luster Brass Polish (sold separately).

Read 14 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.6 stars

Good product

By Philip A. on Mar 25, 2023
Does what it's suppose to!

Walnut Media

By George K. on Jan 20, 2023
Good product, great availability, fair pricing. Quick delivery and thanks.

Does as Expected

By Fredrick W H. on Jul 12, 2022
This product does what it is supposed to clean your brass, some say it is dusty and fine but it puts a nice bright shine on brass ,what I do is add about 3 oz. of water to it give it a quick stir with a old spoon and then add my polish and brass. This works very well for me here in NV where the humidity is very low and holds down any dust and I have had no issues doing this. When I need more tumbler media I will be ordering this again and I would Recommend it.

Simple , yet very effective

By Tim M. on Sep 29, 2021
Cleans the filthiest nickel or brass cases I can throw in my double set of vibrating tumblers , no matter of the age of said brass , always very happy with it , its that simple , none of the fancy stuff for me .

Graf walnut cleaning media.

By Wayne S. on Dec 14, 2020
Graf brass cleaning media does a very nice job of cleaning. Crushed walnut by its very nature is a bit dusty. I do the same thing as one other guy who wrote a review. I put a couple of tea spoons of mineral spirits on top of the crushed walnut and turn the tumbler on. The mineral spirits will hold down the dust and aid in the cleaning of the brass.

Graf Walnut Untreated Tumbler Media 8 Pound

By JOHN H. on Dec 01, 2020
Works as advertised. Cases come out bright and clean.

Great product Great pric

By Patrick H. on Nov 18, 2020
I use both corn cob media and walnut. The walnut does seem to clean the crud off the cases much better. Grafs had a great price on this and you can't go wrong ordering from them. I like to replace this media often as it can get pretty dirty and then looses its cleaning properties.

Walnut tumbler media

By Rick N. on Nov 08, 2020
Have been using cob media for years. Found some extremely dirty cases at a range in the mountains some dating 1998. Cleaned best I could with cob media. We're still ugly looking. Switched to Gaf and Sons walnut media. Cleaned the cases so much better. Wish I had switched sooner.will order the same media again.

Excellent Media

By Raymond K. on Jan 04, 2020
I have switched to walnut from corn cob because of much better cleaning action. I put two teaspoons full of turps with a 1/4 level teaspoon of jewelers red rouge into a charge load for the average tumbler. The turps acts as a binder to embed the rouge into the walnut kernels. To those who just use untreated media, use a teaspoon or so full of turps only to keep the dust down. It will bind it to the kernels. Walnut has sharper edges to clean into the corners of the brass and is less likely to plug flash holes. Quicker cleaning saves tumbler life. You can also treat the media with Lyman Turbo Cleaner which is basically rouge in suspension with turps.

Graf Walnut Untreated Tumbler Media 10 Pound

By Steven S. on Mar 18, 2019
I don't know if I got the bottom of the barrel or what but the bag I got is just way to fine, it cleans well but all media does that, however as I sit here writing this I can still taste the powder in my mouth. all my brass and my separator are also covered with a fine layer of walnut powder. sorry Grafs not only am I not buying this stuff again I cant recommend your products any more if this is an example of your quality control

grafs untreated walnut media

By Jack W. on Mar 13, 2019
worked well cleaned an shined up some of my old brass i had forgot about an other brass i just got thx for great product

Graf Walnut Untreated Tumbler Media 10 Pound

By Richard L. B. on Jan 22, 2019
Great product at a great price. The media works well and really cleans brass. This will be my preferred media product.

Cleans really well.

By James D. on Nov 26, 2018
Cleans brass without damage.


By Carmen D. on Sep 18, 2018
Very good quality , would be prefer a little heavier texture to the media.
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