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HORNADY 30c(.308) 150gr FMJBT BULLET BULK 2100/CS

HORNADY 30c(.308) 150gr FMJBT BULLET BULK 2100/CS
Item #:HRN3037B
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Product Information

Hornady’s Full Metal Jacket bullets replicate the bullets used in military “ball” ammunition. They also are good for hunting animals when minimum pelt damage is important.  The boat tail design provides a flatter trajectory and increased long-range performance by raising the ballistic coefficient.  This is not loaded ammunition.

Price listed is per Case. Quantity is 2100/case.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Technical Notes

Ballistic Coefficient: .398

Read 4 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.3 stars

HORNADY 30c(.308) 150gr FMJBT BULLET

By Jeff B. on Mar 03, 2020
This HORNADY is my go to bullet for my 30 cal auto loaders. Good quality & good price. Will buy from Graf & Sons again & again.

Item #: HRN3037B

By James C. on Oct 20, 2013
I recently bought these and was worried about the cannelure
Sticking up so high but after loading a batch and trying them in my Howa bolt action I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The groups were very tight at 200 yards and very consistent I'm very happy and will be purchasing more. Don't let the cannelure issue deter you from purchasing for bolt action rifles they are worth every penny.


By Eric L. on Aug 16, 2013

The cannelure mystery solved!

By Marc H. on Jul 28, 2013
Part one:
From: Me, to Hornady.
I am loading 308 Winchester, cases trimmed to 2.005" for an auto loading LR-308.
I have cut a case mouth with a mini cut off wheel just passed the shoulder on a full length sized and trimmed case. I hand seated your Item # 3037 "30 Cal .308 150 gr FMJ-BT" bullet at OAL 2.900 and chambered the round. I then carefully ejected the round and measured it @ OAL 2.815, that would be where the bullet makes contact with the rifling. So if I seat the bullet .035 away from the rifling to OAL 2.785" and the case mouth is .045" away from the bottom edge of the bullet cannelure, it would take .015" additional seating to get to the middle of the bullet cannelure .095" away from the rifling to OAL 2.725", is .095" away from the rifling safe?
(From: Hornady Manufacturing, Inc
“Thank you for contacting us. .095” is a safe distance off the lands. If you’d like to get closer you’ll be limited to magazine length, which in a 308 should be about 2.800”. As always, if you’re going to lengthen your seating depth I would recommend doing so in small batches and work up to the max length your mag will allow. If you’d like to visit further you can contact our tech team at 800-338-3220. Thank you”)

Part two:
So, I called them and when got off the phone with Hornady tech support they said those bullets are designed that way on purpose with a high bullet cannelure for auto loading applications like mine, the "LR-308". And to ignore the bullet cannelure if you are shooting a bolt action rifle, it might look ugly with the bullet cannelure showing way above the case mouth but they shoot fine. For bullet cannelure use they recommend the Hornady Bullet Seating Die #11 30 Caliber w/146 (.308) 044111. It is an In-line Bullet alignment Seating and crimping System. Because the bullet is seated further away from the rifling lands the bullet needs to be straighter in the case for better accuracy.
Other than that, they said it is safe for the bullet is seated .095" from the rifling lands, which would bring the OAL to roughly around 2.725" much shorter than the 2.790 I usually seat to. I just decreased the powder charge at least 10% and worked up from there.
So, the results with me using the cannelure @ OAL 2.725": I am getting 2782 fps and 1.5 MOA with BLC-2 in my 18.5” barreled DPMS LR-308. Not stellar speed or performance but you have to know it’s purpose is a barrier penetrating combat rifle, not an ultra-custom 26” barreled 1000yd paper hole puncher.

Thanks Graf & Sons for having them in stock.

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