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Hornady Unique Case Lube Tub 4 Ounce

Hornady Unique Case Lube Tub 4 Ounce
Item #:HRN393299
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Read 7 Reviews

Product Information

This all-natural lube is easy to use—a quick swipe as you pick up cases and it’s done.

4 oz. Container

Read 7 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Hornady Unique Paste Lube

By Michael S. on Oct 18, 2020
This lube is my go to for brass cases. I prefer it over Redding Imperial wax. I have never had a stuck case with Hornady Unique, unlike Imperial wax. Wipes off the cases with ease and is odorless. I recommend it, however you need to use it sparingly and avoid the shoulder to avoid dents.

great lube

By Dennis K. on Aug 18, 2020
I have been reloading for 35 years and used all kinds of lube's I have found that the Unique is the best, I will never use another. This lube goes a long way just make sure you use very little.

Easy to use

By Tyler C. on Jul 26, 2020
This is easy to apply with just a little bit on the fingertip. Wipes of easy with a paper and is not messy. Plus no odor. A little bit goes a long way and this should last me a long time. I would recommend.


By Phillip M. on Apr 18, 2020
Works great! No stock cases anymore.

Hornady Unique Case Lube Tub

By David B. on Mar 16, 2020
I have used Hornady One-Shot spray lube for a long time and it is really great. I decided to try this Hornady Unique Case Lube to compare. It works great and a $4 tub will last a LONG time. It applies easily, not greasy, and doesn't stink. It wipes off easily after sizing. There is no waste like there is with sprays. I am really impressed and definitely recommend!

Great stuff

By Chris R. on May 15, 2019
works great in large rifle

I like this product a lot

By Borys S. on Dec 26, 2018
Used it for full-sizing approx 3500 .308win cases and liked it a lot, because:
1) It's easy to apply
2) it has light good aroma (vs some stinky greases)
3) it is great lubricant - very small quantity of evenly applied stuff is enough for problem-free sizing
4) it can be easily removed from cases (I use paper towels), which prevents dust sticking around
5) my finger skin like it too :)
Comparing to Redding imperial die sizing wax, Hornady case sizing wax, Hornady case lube spray and some other respectable products - I consider Unique Case Lube to be the best choice.
Great product for very reasonable money.
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