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Item #:HRN90250
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Product Information

Concealed carry and personal defense ammunition is redefined with the introduction of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition. You may have never thought about the effects of fabric and clothing on the performance of personal defense ammo. But clothing — especially heavy clothing — has a lot to do with how the bullet expands upon impact. It's a dirty little secret, but conventional hollow point bullets often experience tip clogging as the bullet passes through light and heavy clothing, which diminishes expansion and causes unreliable bullet performance. Hornady Critical Defense ammunition eliminates clogging with the use of their patented Flex Tip® bullet. Upon entering soft tissue, the tip swells and imparts equal pressure across the entire circumference of the bullet cavity. The result is unrivaled bullet expansion and performance every single time! This is loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 5 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Reliable and consistent performance

By C R N. on Feb 03, 2024
Fortunately, I have never had to shoot anyone so I cannot attest to their effect on humans. However, there are plenty examples of tests that indicate superior terminal ballistic performance. What I can say from experience is the critical defense loads are accurate and feed well in a variety of guns. I rotate fresh rounds into my carry guns yearly to insure the ammo I may have to depend on is in the best possible condition. The old ammo is used at the range in five different pistols. I shoot the rounds in pocket pistols up to a full sized 1911. None of my guns have experienced a failure to feed or failure to fire using the Hornady Critical Defense 9mm ammo.

Geat ammo

By Michael E. on Jan 24, 2023
Just recently switched to this ammo for my 9mm. Feeds reliably and is accurate.

Hornady 9m/m Critical-Defense

By Edwin L R. on May 31, 2019
Great round. I love them!!. I have handloaded for the last 45years and have used Hornady XPT's in my revolver and pistol loads. I never experienced a problem with any products.

I've tried many other brands

By Fenton T. on Apr 01, 2019
After trying many other brands of ammunition, especially pistol and revolver ammunition, Hornady is my first choice.
Hornady ammunition is clean burning, consistent velocity, and well-designed bullets. Critical Defense ammo is my choice for daily carry in either revolver or pistol handguns. It is reliable, effective, and more accurate than most other brands I've tested. My Brownings particularly "like" the 115gr FTX load giving me nice, tight little groups out to fifty yards.
Dutch in the Missouri Ozarks


By John K. on Feb 13, 2019
Got a box of the 380's and 9's love them..
They are my go to ammo for self defense..

Grafs always seems to have just what I need for reloading and ammo..

Well done guys..
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