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Item #:RCBS81098
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Product Information

The new RCBS® Easy Melt™ lead/ladle pot is a necessity for those who love to cast lead bullets with a traditional ladle. The pot's 25-pound capacity is enough to cast hundreds of projectiles. The programmable temperature control has a digital readout to ensure accuracy. A hinged cover warms moulds while keeping out debris. The Easy Melt™ lead/ladle pot is a traditional option for those who love to manufacture bullets.

  • 25-pound capacity
  • Programmable digital temperature control
  • Hinged pot cover
  • Limited Two Year Warranty

Read 1 Reviews - Average Rating: 4 stars

Great for Casting

By Joshua P. on Oct 16, 2019
It takes a little while to get up to temperature especially on the first melt. Once there is lead in the pot it seems to heat up faster from being air temperature.

I set mine to 725 as 700 seems to be just a tad cool. I get no frosting of bullets at that setting.

The temperature reading on the display must be the actual pot temperature, not the lead temperature. It will reach the set temperature rather quickly, but it will take 20 to 30 minutes for the lead to catch up. For example my display will say its at 700 degrees in a few minutes, but the lead is still hard. Just give it time to heat up...20 to 30 minutes and it will keep the lead at the desired temperature for the entire casting session. Also, you need to set the temperature to 0 degrees and let it cool down to 160 before unplugging. This can take a little while depending how much lead is still in the pot. I point a fan at it and it usually cools enough to unplug between 30 to 60 minutes. There is no auto shutoff feature so it gets docked a star for that.

I recommend this pot as I don't have to fiddle with the temp controls while I'm trying to cast.
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