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Product Information

If you want the ultimate in hand priming tools - the K&M Primer/Gauge will fit the bill. Benchrest shooters seat the primer until they feel it touch the bottom of the primer pocket. Consistency is the secret to seating - with the K&M Primer/Gauge you have that consistency. This precision instrument employs a dial indicator ensuring that each primer is seated the precise depth required. Precise primer seating without this precision instrument cannot be accomplished. 

[Patented in U.S. and Canada]

Read 5 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Precision primer

By Kent H. on Apr 18, 2020
The precision primer comes with large and small primer sized seaters and one shell holder, which is a good value added to the instrument. Once you read the instructions a couple times and get in a groove with the process of measuring the primer, setting zero on the primer pocket and seating, it goes pretty fast. Just know it will take longer than normal and this a precision measuring seating tool. It is very well made.


By Dennis C. on Oct 04, 2019
I've used this primer tool to seat primers for my 6.5 Creedmoor long range precision rifle and my 30 BR Benchrest rifle. I'm getting lower Standard Deviation numbers and tighter groups. If you're willing to put in a little more time into your precision reloading you will see a difference. Everything the other 5 star reviewer have said was verified by my use and results of this primer tool. I have used other K&M Precision tools and they have always been well worth the money.

Extremely accurate

By Thaine C. on Sep 03, 2019
by measuring each primer and primer pocket prior to seating, this tool gives you a calibrated zero that ensures exact primer seating. Seating by feel is an art and while I thought I was good, I learned by using this tool it is possible to make primer seating much more consistent

Precision solution to variable depth primers

By Thaine C. on Sep 03, 2019
While reading the instructions I quickly realized that this tool measures each primer and primer pocket so when you adjust the dial to zero it is always accurate and primer cups are not exactly the same size often varying by a few thousands. If having a round land outside of a tight group vexes you, consider this tool. It will lower ES for your handloads

Precision Instrument

By Jon K. on Oct 18, 2018
Heavy and well constructed, and most importantly repeatable accuracy. Always looking for a little bit more, and this certainly fit the bill. Feel isn't always the perfect way to do things, and this really gives me more positive feedback that I'm seating consistently, especially with the small primers. Glad I bought it. My 224 Valkyrie groups have definitely tightened up out of my T/C Encore.
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