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Lee Classic Turret Press Steel Linkage/Iron Base - #90064

Lee Classic Turret Press Steel Linkage/Iron Base - #90064
Item #:LEE90064
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Product Information

This press has all the features of the award-winning Turret Press with quality touches that make this the finest, most convenient press to own. The Classic Turret features the solid steel linkage of the Lee Classic Cast. Your first stroke of the hardwood gripped lever will convince you this is one, solid silky smooth press! The sturdy iron base shows its Classic Cast roots.

The long stroke allows rifle cases over three inches long to be loaded using the automatic index. Deactivate the Auto-Index and cases as long as the monster 50 BMG can be loaded. The rigid cast iron frame supports the ram with over 12 square inches of area. The industry's largest ram is drilled completely through to dispense primers in an attached clear PVC tube. Every primer is caught--guaranteed.

Instant change turrets are the same as the famous Lee Turret Press. The Classic Turret uses the new Lee Lever Primer System (LPS) and the Lee Safety Prime tool makes priming on the press a delight.

Pictured: 4 Hole Classic Turret Press is mounted to our # 90688 Reloading Stand, this is not included with the press and needs to be purchased separately.

Note: If you are using the Auto-Disk Powder Measure on this press, the Auto Disk Riser will need to be purchased to provide adequate clearance for the Lee Safety Prime.


WARNING: Handling live primers and spent primers may expose you to lead or other chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to


WARNING: Steel parts in this product may be alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to To prevent exposure, do not alter the product by welding, grinding, etc.

Read 11 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

Excellent quality and construction

By Jim L. on Feb 19, 2021
I recently ordered and received from Graf & Sons the Lee Classic Turret Press. In the past I have always utilized other major brands of reloading equipment and was somewhat skeptical of Lee products.. Upon receipt of the Lee press I was very favorably impressed with the apparent sturdy frame and smooth mechanical function of the turret mechanism. Durability and machine tolerances appear to meet or exceed expectations. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyable reloading sessions with this equipment.

Love this Press!

By John C. on May 17, 2020
After nearly a decade of loading on a Lee Breechlock Challenger single -stage press, I decided to upgrade to the Lee Classic Turret press. This press makes loading SO much faster. I simply love the ability to have my die sets ready in turrets and then I can set up and go and create loaded ammo quickly and easily. Years of learning on the single-stage allow me to understand the processes involved with setting up the Turret press, but even if I was a total newbie, it would be easy to do. This is a solid piece of equipment and it JUST WORKS.

Lee classic turret press

By Harry S. on May 14, 2020
I upgraded from single stage. I cannot believe how much faster I can reload and maintain accuracy

Awesome Press

By Jamie F. on May 13, 2020
I bought this press to increase my total rounds loaded numbers. All I have ever owned was a single stage press. WOW, what an upgrade! This press works awesome. It makes reloading faster and simpler. The spent primers fall straight from the ram, through the plastic tubing and into the trash. It also has the ability to add additional attachments for powder dropping and primer seating. This makes reloading a lot more fun and quicker, while still maintaining consistent accuracy.

Lee Classic Turret Press

By Kevin C. on Feb 11, 2020
This is my first step into rifle and pistol cartridge reloading. The Lee Classic Turret Press seems very well made and was very easy to set up. My first 32 S&W reloads were very good and performed well. My first rifle reloads for a 303 British Enfield look great. I really like having the extra turrets to have the dies setup in place for the various reloads. Great Press!

Great Press

By Raymond K. on Mar 03, 2019
As others have said here. I shied away from it for a long time. This cast iron frame model with all steel linkage is built like a tank. The versatility is there for virtually any loading method. I polished the index rod with a scotch-bright pad and keep the turret ring lubed with a very light coat of Pro-Shot Gold gun grease applied with an artists brush. Cycles like glass. Currently using it to load 9mm with an Auto-Disk measure. The quick change turrets and non-indexing option just adds to the versatility of this wonderful, reasonably priced press. Thank you Lee!

Why did I wait so long?

By Paul H. on Nov 19, 2018
I finally upgraded from my single-stage press to this baby, and what a difference. Once you have your dies setup you're good to go. Even if you manually dump your powder, it's waaay faster to produce a finished round. Add Lee's Auto Drum powder measure and Safety Prime system and you are gold.

The right choice

By Keith H T. on Feb 27, 2014
I`ve been tossing around upgrading from a single stage press for some time and after quite a bit of research settled on the Classic Turret. For the price and features I made the right choice. I bought extra turrets and changing calibers takes seconds. I can`t believe how presicion,solid and smooth this press is compared to more expensive models and the turret auto indexes perfectly and locks solid with no effort. I really like how easy it is to still use it as a single stage when working up a load but not have to change dies, just simply rotate the turret by hand. I`m very very happy with my new press.

Lee Classic Turret Press

By Timothy S. on Jul 06, 2013
I have had the pleasure of owning this awesome reloading press I just can't stress enough that the Lee Classic Turret is the best turret press on the market I just got mine in yesterday. i have been waiting for almost five months, believe me its worth the waiting. The Lee Classic Turret has so many features that come standard. it makes no sense to even spend a penny more for any other press made on the market. this press has a massive cast iron base and once you mount it down, the fun can begin. Look no further the Lee Classic is the best way to go

Sped things up significantly

By Jerry L. on Oct 04, 2012
After starting to shoot action pistol sports I decided to upgrade from a single stage press to the Lee Classic Turret Press. Outstanding decision. Coupled with the Safety Prime, but still using a bench-mounted Lee Perfect Powder Measure and a scale to weigh each load I can do 50 each 9mm rounds in just under 20 minutes. I had a little problem setting up the Safety Prime, but Lee's Technical Help was friendly and got me in the right direction. Highly recommended.

Great press

By James W. on Jun 01, 2012
I've used a single stage for years and bought a Classic Turret last year.This is one great press.Solid as a rock. I originally bought it for reloading pistol ammo but like it so well I use it for almost everything. The spent primer system doesn't miss either.
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