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Item #:LY7767700
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Product Information

Whether dropping charges for small pistol cases or large rifle cases, this measure gives consistent and accurate performance. The CNC machined steel metering cylinder features a micrometer adjustable thimble with reference lines so resetting the measure is easy. The reservoir is equipped with a powder baffle which maintains a consistent powder level for top accuracy. Includes two drop tubes to cover the full range of calibers.
•    Micrometer adjustment
•    Ambidextrous metering cylinder/handle
•    Multiple handle angle positions for optimum comfort
•    CNC machined steel metering cylinder
•    Includes powder baffle
•    Machined with 7/8”x14 threads to fit all presses and stands

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Read 5 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.8 stars

Brass Smith Powder Measure

By David C. on Jul 25, 2023
I bought this to measure light target charges using Unique and Bullseye. Flake powders can be a pain with some measures but this measure throws consistent charges. If you keep the powder level mid way in the hopper it is possible to achieve +/- 0.1 gr. uniformity with Unique. I am very happy that I have added this to my bench.

Brass Smith Powder Measure

By Michael L. on May 07, 2023
I bought this for loading smaller batches of reloads and it works great. It meters powders such as CFE Pistol, Win 231, BE 86, Unique and a bunch of other powders. I really like that you can loosen the screw in the back and pull the powder measure off of the die and dump the powder back in the original container in seconds. Well worth the money.

Works great for pistol

By Bill T. on Oct 19, 2020
I've got a gen6, but bought this to do mass pistol charges. Win231 powder drops within .1 grain each time, once settled. Rifle powder like H4350, it ends up cutting grain. Still throws pretty good, but I mainly only use this for reloading pistol and 223. Works way faster than waiting on the gen6.

Brass Smith Powder Measure

By Charles W. on Jul 10, 2020
Just make sure to clean it completely. The hopper could hold more. Otherwise just fine

Brass smith powder measure.

By Jason F. on Sep 03, 2018
I love this powder measure. It meters very nice with all sorts of powder even unique and 700x. I would definitely recommend this measure.
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