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Item #:FR011521099
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Product Information

Aligns primers anvil-side up and mates with the Primer Feed Tube for quick loading in the Co-Ax Primer Seater.

The Primer Tube Loader aligns all primers with just a few flicks of the wrist. With a little practice, you can go from the primer box, to Primer Tube Loader, to Primer Feed Tube in as little as eight seconds!

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Read 5 Reviews - Average Rating: 4 stars

Loading works well

By John G. on Mar 14, 2023
You have to hold the feed tube and the tray at the same time but once you get the hang of it it works quite well

Consider it essential

By Scott C. on Aug 24, 2022
There's not much to say for a simple primer tray, but I'll just mention that anyone who has the excellent Co-Ax primer seating tool needs this to load the tubes for the tool.
It flips the primers anvil side up, as it should, and it holds the tube in place securely via a slot to allow the primers to slide into the tube.
Just a note here, but you'll need to take several passes at completely filling the tube, and you'll need to be mindful of the hole in the tube as the limit for how many primers you can load into the tube before taking it out of this tray to insert into the priming seating tool.

Cheap, tough to use

By David S. on Dec 27, 2020
I sent a note to Forster today detailing issues with their priming tool. I had already reviewed it, so I was unable to amend it. I feel obligated to let others know. Here is the note I sent; "I am writing to about your priming tool. I have been a reloader/bullet caster for over 40 years. I purchased a Co-ax press a year ago, and was pleased with it. I have also used nearly every priming tool on the market over the years. purchased your priming tool on October 11th from Graf & son's. I have been fussing with it to get it to work proper since then. I did get the large primers to run without ruining/losing too many, but the small primers have been miserable. Now, I am mechanically inclined, and have used this type of equipment for many years. Well, today I had my first reloading accident. The entire primer tube detonated, damaging the tube, and causing burns to my right hand. this is unacceptable, and certainly unsafe. Hard to believe that you actually market this junk. Very disappointed."

Works well

By Charles W. on Oct 10, 2020
Speeds things up. Should be included with the tool

Should be included with the priming tool

By Michael E. on May 25, 2020
This tool makes it so easy to load the primer tubes.
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