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Item #:LEE91610
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Product Information


Introducing the next revolution in priming. The world’s first automatically case fed, shell holder less priming tool, the ACP. 

Metallic cartridge priming was revolutionized in 1979 with Richard Lee’s patented Auto Prime tool. Today most all handheld priming tools share most if not all the features of the Original Auto-Prime. The new ACP truly automates priming. Think of it as the “Real” AUTO-prime. 

This is the nicest priming tool ever made. No shell holders required, cases are guided into position by our new “finger guide”, priming is positive, effortless and uniform.  Positive and consistent seating depth is assured with our new dead length priming device. Primers are seated uniformly without “feel” or adjustments required.  Seating is almost effortless as the priming tool shares the powerful linkage of our Automatic processing press. The best feature is the ability to automatically feed cases!

Nothing else to buy, will seat large and small rifle and pistol primers. Automatically feeds and primes cases up to 2 ½ inches long.   

Product photo shows press mounted to optional accessory Reloading Stand, and the Universal Case Feed Magazine.


WARNING: Handling live primers and spent primers may expose you to lead or other chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to

Read 1 Reviews - Average Rating: 4 stars

lee acp "not bad"

By Michael M. on Jan 30, 2022
i got this press strictly for priming. most if not all youtube vids on this press show pistol cart. like 9mm.

i wanted for volume .223 brass. i believe this press was not rifle cartridge patterned. i also bought the kit w/ drop tubes to speed up the process. adjusting this to the press was a little timely. but i finally got it to function properly. because a rifle cart. is tall, when it drops on the sliding plate sometimes it will fall forward and slide out away from the jaws that are supposed to keep the cart. in place. if your pace is not too fast it will work ok. every now and then you have to set the fallen cart. back on the base. i have not used this on a pistol cart. but i believe they will function a lot better because of a lower center of gravity and not topple over. all in all, this press does do what it is supposed to but the speed on some of the videos is a little misleading. as an aside, i bought a previous one from midway and had to send it back because it would not work at all & had some pieces missing. this one from Graf was perfect. my final word it! it is a lot better than hand priming and so far only had 1 smashed primer( my fault cuz i didnt keep the the primer trough full) weight and gravity keeps the primers lined up so this does not happen. 4 stars because it does function relatively easy and well.
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