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BANNERMAN AMMO 7.7x58 JAP 150gr SPBT 20/bx

BANNERMAN AMMO 7.7x58 JAP 150gr SPBT 20/bx
Item #:BCCA77X58150
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Pricing shown is per box. Case quantity for reference only.
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Product Information

7.7 Japanese 150gr SPBT Ammunition

Assembled in the USA using Prvi Partizan Components.

Warning: Only use in firearms inspected by a Gunsmith to be in good condition. Firearms should be designed, marked, and chambered for this cartridge.

Bannerman Cartridge Company is committed to providing quality modern ammunition for military surplus and classic firearms. This 7.7x58 Japanese Ammunition is loaded with Prvi Partizan Soft Point Boat Tail Bullets and Reloadable Brass. The low air drag and high ballistic coefficient of the boat tail bullet allows for successful shooting at longer distances while maintaining striking energy with reduced wind drift and flatter trajectory. Prvi’s Brass Cases are manufactured using the best raw materials coupled with today’s modern manufacturing procedures, heat treatment processes and stringent quality assurance inspections throughout the production process. 

This is loaded ammunition.

*Product Excluded from Summer Deals Chart*


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Technical Notes


Caliber:  7.7x58 Jap.

Bullet Weight:  150gr

Bullet Style: Prvi Partizan Soft Point Boat Tail

Muzzle Velocity: 2425 fps (Test Barrel: 28")

Package Quantity: 20

Brass Headstamp: PPU 7.7x58

SKU: BCCA77X58150

Read 10 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Good ammo.

By James V. on Feb 26, 2024
Grouped surprisingly well. Haven't been able to chrony it yet.

I’ll be buying more

By James M. on Feb 15, 2024
I really like these cartridges. They fire very well in a rough, and I mean rough, last ditch type 99. Excellent performance with 0 misfiring and accuracy is good given the rifle’s condition. The brass is suitable for hand loading after firing. Definitely a great find for 7.7 ammunition.

7.7x58 Jap

By Miguel F. on Jan 29, 2024
Thank you for this product. It's a great product. It works great on my rifle It's a vintage 1945 Jap 7.7, this time around I will purchase at least 4more boxes, I've been a trucker for 26 years. And I am finally retiring and I finally got to shoot(Einjure) it 3 weeks ago. It was great when I got that first kick also it's great when the family goes out to the range 👌.

Highly Recommend

By DUANE O. on Jan 18, 2024
Great product. Delivery was fast. Financial transaction was smooth. I would not hesitate to do future purchases.

Highly recommend

By Cheryl H. on Jan 16, 2024
After being scammed i found graf and sons and was hesitant but after ordering twice now i can confirm they are legit and shipping was super fast. The ammo was perfect and i had no problems with it at all. I will probably only buy this size ammo from graf and sons from now on.

Great Ammo

By Christopher B. on Jan 04, 2024
This ammo functions perfectly in my Type 99. I'm looking forward to reloading this brass as I use PPU brass for my 8x57. As a side note, Swedish stripper clips work great with this ammo and make loading that much quicker.

Jap 7.7 arisaka ammo

By Wayne J. on Dec 01, 2023
High quality ammo.
I would highly recommend purchasing this ammo from Graf & Sons .
Delivered on time, smooth purchase.

6.5 jap and 7.7 jap

By Stan W. on Sep 06, 2023
I am just glad to have seen these calibers available I collect Japanese rifles and now have ammo to shoot these rifles

7.7 jap

By Van S. on Jun 30, 2023
My order was quick to arrive and the cartridges are reloadable. The shots were within 2 inches at 150 yds. Not bad for a 85+ y/o gun without a scope, just peep sights.

7.7 ammo

By John F. on Jun 09, 2023
Extremely high quality. Flawless function
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