MAGTECH BULLET 40c 180gr FMJ 100/bag 10/cs

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MAGTECH BULLET 40c 180gr FMJ 100/bag 10/cs
MAGTECH BULLET 40c 180gr FMJ 100/bag 10/cs
MAGTECH BULLET 40c 180gr FMJ 100/bag 10/cs
Read 28 Reviews

Product Information


Magtech Solid Full Metal Jacket bullets feature positive functioning with no barrel leading.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 28 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars


By David J. on Jun 27, 2020
This is the second time I've bought these bullets. They are awesome! Very high quality and they run reliably in everything I've shot them in. Great bullet at a great price.

Magtech 40 cal

By David H. on Jun 27, 2020
I had no problem loading these as some have said. Seem to be good quality. Not the most accurate bullet but 3" average groups at 10 yards. Have tried 3 different loads with the same powder. Will try another powder to get a good accurate picture. Confident I will hit on good combination of powder and speed. Would definitely buy again. Great price. Great value.

Magtech 40 Cal 180 Gr FMJ Bullets

By James R. on Jun 17, 2020
Great bullets for my 10 mm's and very economical.

Great Bullet for the Price

By Randy C. on Jun 04, 2020
These are very accurate bullets. Weights are very consistent and they miked out perfectly. Good value for the money.

Great Bullet Great Accuracy

By RALPH H. on May 30, 2020
Was disappointed with my TH40 using 165 gr bullets. saw Graf & Sons Magtec 180 gr FMJ-FN Bullets, WOW! what a difference!! My TH40 speaks with authority and hits spot on like THOR'S HAMMER !!
Great Bullet Great Accuracy!! Thank you Graf & Sons for a great deal.

Great projectiles

By Hugo G. on May 28, 2020
Workes flawlessly

Great value.

By Stephen H. on May 21, 2020
Grabbed 2000 of these. Wish I could have bought more. Magtech makes nice consistent products to keep people at the range. Get them before they are gone.

Cant be beat

By Kevin K. on May 15, 2020
These projos are AWESOME. Best value out there. Consistent size, weight and quality. Never had an issue using any caliber Magtech bullet. My Glocks love them.

MAGTECH BULLET 40c 180gr FMJ 100/bag 10/cs

By Gary L. on Apr 24, 2020
Great bullet for reloading

Great bullets

By Jim D. on Apr 21, 2020
These load and shoot fantastic


By Kenneth B. on Jan 02, 2020
Super well made value bullet for general target and shooting steel.

Great bullets at a very good price.

By Raja C. on Nov 11, 2019
I purchased 3500 bullets to load 10mm Auto. Already shot 600 rounds using these bullets through both my custom Glock 20 SF and my CMMG Banshee and they are superb. Easy to load and very accurate. very pleased! Thank you Graf & Sons.

Good bullets for target plinking

By Mark K. on Jul 29, 2019
Good bullets for target plinking, at $11.99 a bag how can you go wrong. Accurate enough for the range. Magtech is a solid company.

Tricky to load these FMJ

By Shawn P. on Jul 16, 2019
Great deal on FMJ but they can be a bit tricky to load as the bottom edge is sharper than most. You may need to open the case neck a bit before seating with a chamfer.

Magtech 40 Cal. 180 Gr.

By Edward H. on Jun 21, 2019
Superb quality at a great price.


By Sterling P. on May 28, 2019
These Magtech 180gr are spot on in my
10mm Rock Island.
Love em.

Magtech 180gr 10mm bullets

By Pamela D. on Apr 24, 2019
My Glock 40 loves these bullets. Perfect rounds, accuate, easy to load. It eats them up! Great product.

Magtech in a 10mm Kriss

By George L. on Apr 17, 2019
Was having feeding problems using another mfg.180 gr. bullet so I switched to the Magtech 180 gr. and end of feed problem. It appears the ogive was hanging up on the feed ramp. Accurate and quality bullets.

Great item!

By Dennis T. on Mar 20, 2019
I used it on 10mm reload and accuracy was excellent.

great quality bullets for 40 s&w

By Wilbur S. on Mar 08, 2019
As always great service from grafs and a relly good price for 40 cal fmj which shoot great in the g22


By John B. on Dec 27, 2018
Magtech products are top notch and Graf & Sons always offers unbeatable quality to price ratio.

Excellent bullet for the Kimber 1911, 10mm

By Michael W. on Nov 27, 2018
Graf & Sons listed this bullet with a great price. Purchase a couple hundred and loaded it up for the 10mm Kimber Eclipse. Was amazed on how well it cycled and it was spot on the target.
Great bullet, Great price and Great service from Graf & Sons


By Steve G. on Oct 13, 2018
Shoots and loads well, good value.

Best bang for your buck

By Juan M. on Oct 05, 2018
Bought for practice in 10mm
Should do alright on game

Magtech 40 Cal. 180 Gr. FMJ

By Charles S. on Sep 19, 2018
I have shot these bullets in 4 different handguns in 10mm and have had no problems. I have also loaded this bullet in 38-40 for rifle and revolver shooting with no problems. If I do my part the bullets are very accurate. Plus, you have the best price on a jacketed bullet. Thank you

Good Value and Quality

By Anthony M. on Sep 03, 2018
Magtech quality at an excellent price

Great bullet for the price

By Terry A. on Aug 22, 2018
The bullets were purchased for a 10mm 1911 They are well made and for the type of shooting I do, they were perfect. They are 180 gr and that is what my pistol requires - no failures to feed is important to me, even in just general shooting practice. They fed well and we as accurate as I am (bullets tend to go where you point the gun). When I did my job, the projectiles went to the bullseye. Combine that with the price and it is hard to beat this deal. If the item comes up for sale again, I will buy again.

Good Value and Accuracy

By John O. on Aug 16, 2018
Have purchased these bullets several times and they always provide excellent accuracy and reliability. Price is about on par with the plated and poly coated lead bullets.
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