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Gun Scrubber, Single Purpose Firearm Cleaner

High Pressure Spray Cleans Firearms Components with Disassembly

Keep your firearms clean and improve their performance the fast, easy way. With an occasional blast, Gun Scrubber reduces firearm jams while improving accuracy and reliability. The high-pressure jet-action cleaner helps prevent firearm failures. The handy extension tube creates a powerful blasting action that penetrates even the tiniest crevices: actions, magazines, gas ports, chambers, barrels. Choke tubes. Excellent for automatics, bolts, lever and slide actions, as well as shotguns, air rifles, and muzzleloaders.

Caution: May harm some plastics, painted surfaces, synthetic stocks, camouflage finishes and wood finishes. Do not allow product to pool on, in or under firearms, or components to reduce the possibility of damage.

Test an area before using.


Make sure firearm is unloaded before proceeding!

  1. Firearms can be disassembled into major components, if desired, before starting.
  2. Insert extension tube into spray nozzle and spray liberally but in short blast for best results.
  3. Be certain to direct flexible extension tube into hard-to-reach places and other unseen areas. Use nozzle without extension tube if desired for maximum flushing abilities in broad open assemblies.
  4. After cleaning firearm, apply Birchwood Casey Barricade® Rust Protection for firearms.

Contains: Hexane and Isopropanol.

For firearms use only. Not for use as a general purpose degreaser or miscellaneous metal parts cleaner.

13oz Aerosol Can

This item cannot be shipped to an address within the State of California.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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