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Product Information

Manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Unis "Ginex" primers are used by major ammunition manufacturers world-wide. 


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Warning: Not all powders are the same. Please refer to the manufacturer's load data.

Read 7 Reviews - Average Rating: 3.6 stars

Great Replacement for CCI

By Robert R. on Feb 15, 2024
Purchased 5,000 after I read positive reviews. Mine seat perfectly seat in 7.5x55mm, 6.5x50mm, 303 British, 7.62x54r, and 8mm Mauser cases without issue or fail. I do not know why comments here say they don't fit, but it might have been just an issue with the reloading process. I have not experienced any issues with 300 test loads. Great stuff! I look forward to buying more.

Reliable and stable, but have a hard cup

By Edward H. on Oct 04, 2023
These are very similar to CCI-34. They are designed to meet the NATO spec for 7.62 ammunition. They can be tighter to seat than some US made primers, and may be unreliable in rifles with weaker firing pins (external hammer guns etc). They should probably be considered to be a "magnum" primer for load development purposes. Some people complain they are hard to seat, but I use a Lee Ram Prime and have had zero issues. I can also confirm that they perform well in below freezing conditions.

Primer cups are slightly larger but work well.

By Michael R. on Jul 30, 2023
I measured Winchester large rifle primers at .205 inch diameter. Federal gold primers measured .206 diameter and these primers measured .207 diameter.
Virgin brass will fit tight so you can use the primer pocket reaming tool and open it up or do what I do is start out with Winchester primers. After you fire several rounds in that brass move up to Federal and finally these. If you have a bolt action, necksize only and anneal the neck after a few shots you can make your brass last a very long time.

Difficult to seat

By MARK R. on Aug 04, 2020
I started priming 7.62x39 cases with these and broke my Lee Auto Bench Priming tool. I was able to get them to seat fairly well with that until it snapped. That took quite a bit of force, but did not deform many of the primers. I do think that process was tough on the case rims. I tried my hand primer, but could only get the primers to seat 2/3 of the way in...then went to the single stage lyman, which also did not deform primers. It gets them in almost perfect...but not seated that 1 or 2 thousandths more that I wanted. I was trying to get these in good for the SKS, But, I am a little concerned about a possibility of a slam fire. These did go better into cases I suspect of being European, like S&B and PPU. The others that worked best appeared to have slightly worn primer pockets. I believe these are better than no primers at all, but I have relegated them to making the 30/30 or other bolt gun calibers, where I don't have to worry about a floating firing pin. (And, where going slow doesn't bother me.)

Doesn't seat

By David J K. on Dec 19, 2019
I cannot get them to seat properly in the brass. Always protrudes out a significant amount. No problem with other primer brands. Now I know why they are sold only in lots of 5,000. If they sold in smaller lots, no one would repurchase them and their sales would drop.

Consistant performance

By Elvio M. on Dec 20, 2017
I found, upon testing, these primers (large rifle) using my accuracy load and three different cases (RWS< Lapua and R-P) that they gave consistant performance within their respective cases. They also performed more accurately than some of the other more popular and expensive primers. Yes, they are tighter than most primers but I didn't find the deformed or difficult to load. I'll stick with these for my match loads.

overly hyped

By William F. on Aug 01, 2017
UNIS primers do fire,but they have inexcusable problems. When seating in virgin cases, they require excessive force to seat, deforming the primer cup and potentially the case rim. They seat more readily in worn cases, but I do not have this problem with any other primer. I have used Federal, Winchester, Remington, CCI, Tula, and S&B, and all are superior to UNIS.
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