SPEER 30(.308) 168gr HPBT BULLET MATCH 100/bx

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SPEER 30(.308) 168gr HPBT BULLET MATCH 100/bx
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Product Information

Speer boat tail bullets are designed for long-range shooting. The tapered heel that gives the bullet type its name reduces aerodynamic drag for flatter trajectories. Our boat tails are designed for more rapid expansion than Hot-Cor, so they are an excellent choice for whitetail deer and antelope. In the larger calibers, they are great for long shots at just about any non-dangerous game. Like our other hunting bullets, the jackets taper from a thicker shank section to a thin nose section to keep retained weights high.

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False Advertising

By Malvina C. on Jul 20, 2013
The Speer company should call these bullets hollow points, not target match. I believe these are slingshot bullets.The bullets I received were more than 50% out of weight. It's understandable if they were around 10% out of weight, but upwards of 50% is ridiculous. The measurements I took left me with the following results:

+/- 0.1 gr - 48 bullets
- .2/3 gr - 7 bullets
+ .2 gr - 21 bullets
+ .3 gr - 19 bullets
+ .4 gr - 4 bullets
+ .5 gr - 1 bullet

These bullets aren't target match!
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