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Product Information

All Berry’s Ammo Boxes are made from high impact polypropylene for increased strength against cracking, chipping, warping, expansion, or contraction. The Model #401 50 round boxes feature their new, stronger, flip-top design, allowing the securing of ammo storage with easy one-handed operation. Along with a translucent lid, they now come with a black base for increased strength and a clean look. They are stackable, carry a lifetime warranty, and are made in the USA.

  • Clear Lid
  • #401 Ammo Box Cell Dimensions: 1.26” OAL x .40”.

Technical Notes

Fits Calibers: .380 ACP, 9mm, .25 Auto, .25 NAA, .30 Luger, .32 Auto, .32 NAA, .32 Short Colt, .32 S&W, 9 x 18mm Makarov

Read 16 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Nice box, but notice its 50 rounds!

By Terry S. on Nov 23, 2023
Website needs to add another picture. Side view. I thought these were the square 100 rounds boxes. Now I see why they were half the price of the others... they are little 50 round things! Cute, but not practical for me as a competition shooter where I go through hundreds of rounds per training session.

Berrys 9mm/380 50 round ammo box

By Robert J. on Nov 07, 2023
Very good ammo box. Great for the price. Grafs has good customer service.

Best Ammo Box For .380 acp

By Dennis T. on Sep 17, 2023
Since I started volume reloading for my 4 different .380 mouse guns and needed a place for the cartridges I bought these clear top Berry's ammo boxes to organize my loads.
I found that the .38 special boxes were not right for this ctg.
When I ordered the clear top, black bottom Berry boxes I thought that they were going to be flimsy since the price was so reasonable but I was wrong. I love the quality of these. And the convenience of a true hinged top which lays flat. These should be at the top of your list when looking for a USA made product that is perfect for the stated purpose. They stack nicely too.

.380/9mm Ammo box

By JOHN A. on Aug 02, 2023
Glad to see different color boxes to know from the .380's and the 9mm's loaded. Great product, sturdy. I definitely would recommend.

The best

By Sean S. on Jul 20, 2023
Using them for years. You can't go wrong with these.

ammo box

By Francis P. on Feb 06, 2023
these are the best ammo boxes I ever bought

Nice box!

By Paul S. on Feb 02, 2023
These are as nice as any, and the price can't be beat

Great 9mm Ammo Box and more.

By Daniel P M. on Jan 21, 2023
I use these for my 9mm Lugar, my 380s and even my 38 short colt ammo. They ae sturdy and with real hinges!!

Berry 9mm hinged top 50

By BRUCE B. on Dec 16, 2022
The perfect box for your handgun ammo. They are very compact which is great for the loading bench, and you can store a bunch in your range bag. Bullets fit up or down. Great price, well made.

Superior ammo boxes

By David B. on Sep 08, 2021
Berry's ammo boxes are the best -- real hinges, made in USA. I never buy any other brand.

Sturdy ammo box

By Marion D. on Nov 23, 2020
I like the Berry Ammo boxes - sturdy and priced right. Grafs has a good selection of different calibers and they always package your order very well.

Great box at a great price. Highly recommend.

By James C. on Jul 09, 2020
Great box at a great price. Highly recommend.

Berry's hinged-top plastic ammo boxes

By Michael G. on May 10, 2020
These are well-made, inexpensive plastic ammo boxes. If your work space is limited, you can use your thumb and forefinger to push together at each hinge to separate the top from the bottom. .380's shake in the box they share with 9mm's, as .38's do in the box shared with .357's. If that bothers you, you can put inside 2 pieces of the square foam that Speer often packs with its bullets, or you can cut a piece of the bubble wrap that some shipping envelopes are made of. I like the clear top of the box so I can see inside. If desired, load data can be tapes inside the top, facing upward to be seen.
While I prefer the old-style slip-fit boxes (a piece of tape is needed to secure them) since they require less space, they cost more now so these Berry boxes are the best alternative. I've used many of them and they have never broken. I will buy more in the future.

Berry .380 hinged top box

By Ronald L. on Apr 09, 2020
I always use these boxes for my loads, from .380 to 45/70. They are strong and solid, and make storage simple and attractive. A great value this day and age!

Berry 9mm ammo boxes

By Michael P. on Aug 26, 2019
These are the best ever. Hinged and well made. Definitely recommend!


By Weld F. on Nov 14, 2018
A good sturdy box with real hinges, not the thin plastic flex hinge. The lid stays fully open when open and good strong catch when closed. I like the clear color. It's more of a milky white, but you can see through well enough to tell what bullets are inside. I got the 380 size box because it also fits the 32 S&W.
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