BERRY 380 (.356) 100gr BULLET HBRN 250/bx

BERRY 380 (.356) 100gr BULLET HBRN 250/bx
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Product Information

Berry's Preferred Plated bullets begin as a swaged lead core. The swaged lead cores are tumbled in an electrically charged bath containing high-grade copper ingots. The copper clings to the lead and the longer the bullets remain in the bath, the thicker the plating.  The bullets are plated to the correct size and then taken out of the bath. Plated bullets are not as expensive as jacketed bullets.  They are cleaner than lead but you'll want to stay away from magnum velocities when loading plated bullets.  This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Berry’s plated bullets

By Sam B. on Oct 04, 2023
They shoot straight in all calibers I use them. Economical, high quality, and more than adequate for target work, plinking, etc.

Berry 380 Bullets

By Paul R. on Aug 06, 2020
Works in #80, 9mm and the 38Spl + 357. Smooth auto action and "Rocket Propelled" revolver bullets. Thanks...


By Raymond K. on Apr 12, 2020
I use these in a Smith 38 SPL. I use an undersize expander as they run .356 and taper crimp at the appropriate COL. The hollow base expands to engage the rifling fully and I have found them to be very accurate with target loads in the mid pressure range and higher with no stripping in my experience. The light bullet weight makes for a pleasant load in the snubs and lighter revolvers.

Berry's 100gr HBRN for 380

By CHARLES O. on Oct 17, 2019
I typically use FMJ and TMJ bullets for practice rounds but decided to try these, I weighed and checked these for size and they are very consistent and load very nicely using a progressive press. They also shoot just as accurately and no issue cycling in my wife's M&P-EZ380. I will use these again.

Berry 380 Bullets

By Michael P. on Sep 11, 2019
These are now my preference for a practice bullet in our 380's. Load easily, cycle flawlessly and shoot accurately. Will buy again!

Berry's 100gr HBRN .356

By Lyle S. on Jul 10, 2019
Loaded Berry's plated bullets for years. Quality is second to none.
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