BERRY 380 (.356) 100gr BULLET HBRN 1000/BX

BERRY 380 (.356) 100gr BULLET HBRN 1000/BX
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Product Information

Berry's Preferred Plated bullets begin as a swaged lead core. The swaged lead cores are tumbled in an electrically charged bath containing high-grade copper ingots. The copper clings to the lead and the longer the bullets remain in the bath, the thicker the plating.  The bullets are plated to the correct size and then taken out of the bath. Plated bullets are not as expensive as jacketed bullets.  They are cleaner than lead but you'll want to stay away from magnum velocities when loading plated bullets.  This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 16 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

Another win from Berry’s

By Palmer P. on Sep 02, 2023
Great bullets and hollow backs are always an excellent choice to reduce powder and recoil.
I’m using them in my 9mm and having the best results with Win231 and AA#2. TiteGroup also works well. CFE pistol absolutely not.
Another fine bullet from Berry’s.

Berry's .380 acp 100 gr. Hollow Base Bullets

By Dennis T. on Aug 31, 2023
I must say that I am delighted with these bullets. I have been reloading for over 40 years but never for the .380 acp before. I was skeptical about using a plated hollow base bullet and of the glowing reviews of this projectile but it has
turned out that this bullet loads and shoots very well and I am going to have to buy another 1,000. Reloading the .380
was way easier than I expected and since the 380 ammo is so expensive I am now on a mission with this caliber and
with Berry's 100 grainers. I have never used Berry's before
but I guess that in the future I will be looking at them first.

Berry’s bullets are a great value

By Scotty L. on Aug 03, 2023
As usual, these Berry’s .380 projectiles are fantastic. Very consistent in weight and dimensions, they load well using my Dillon 550c

Berrys .380 100gr HB

By Michael P. on Jun 30, 2023
I bought some at Scheels because they were out of flat based. Accuracy was better with HB. When I saw that Grafs had them on sale- perfect! This will be my go-to now for .380.

Berry's 380 100gr HBRN

By Eric E. on May 25, 2023
I have found this bullet to be the perfect practice round for my wife's Glock 42 and my 9mm's. The hollow base gives a longer shank on the bullet that results in great accuracy and the 100gr weight is nice for light loads. I shoot a lot of this bullet and will shoot a lot more. I highly recommend this for all of your 380/9mm practice loads.

BERRY 380 100gr BULLET

By Thomas S. on May 10, 2023
Berry's bullets are a great cost effective way to shoot more. Couple that with Graf's good prices and reasonable shipping costs and you have the lowest price per round. All delivered to your front door; what a deal!

Great Projectile for Matches

By Karl S. on May 08, 2023
They are accurate, inexpensive and make a bigger hole in the target! Oops, the secret is out! Graft & Sons has the best price on this product, period!

Great Bullets

By Brett B. on Apr 26, 2023
This is a great little bullet. They are very accurate and even work for light 9mm loads. I will definitely buy more !

Berry's 380 cal

By Alfredo N. on Apr 24, 2023
Cheap and perfect for some practice plinking rounds, will definitely buy again!

Berry 380 100 grain hollow base

By JASON S. on Apr 13, 2023
I’ve been using Berry handgun bullets for several years now. They work great in all calibres I’ve loaded. Great bullet for practice at a great price. The hollow base bullet is very accurate and the bullet profile feeds reliably.
The 1000 round pack is the way to go.

Quality projectiles from Berry's

By N T. on Jan 25, 2023
A quality product from Berry's. Berry's HBRN 100 gr. projectiles load easy and give good accuracy. Have been using Berry's for many years, they never disappoint.

Berrys bullets

By Michael S. on Aug 03, 2022
You cant beat Berrys bullets, Im paying more for primers now than I pay for 9mm bullets, crazy world!

.356 Berry's HBRN 100 gr bullet

By Hank S. on Jun 03, 2020
I've been using these for a "mouse fart" 9mm load...they work flawlessly! Great bullets and excellent service from Graf's!

Berry's bullets .380 HBRN 100gr

By Stephen R. on Apr 04, 2020
These are great bullets for anyone that reloads, the website is easy to use, prices are good and comparable to other sites selling reloading components. Shipping was fast, despite the panic buying and pandemic affecting the market.

Berry Bullets

By Mark K. on Feb 20, 2020
I have been using these bullets for years. I purchase them in four sizes , 380 ,9mm 40 mm and 45 ACP . They all work flawlessly however the weights do vary at times. For instance the last 9mm 115 grain bullets I bought were all consistent,but under weight. This has never effected the performance. I never mentioned it before because the overall quality and performance has always been good.i would not hesitate to buy them again and I will.

Berry's 380 Cal 100 gr HBRN Bullet 1000/box

By Gary A. on Oct 10, 2018
Berry's 380 cal 100 gr HBRN bullets have been my go to bullets for practice rounds. They are easy to seat and they perform as expected. I have used them in many calibers with the same success. They are excellent bullets for a low cost target or practice round when loaded properly. The 1000 round box is an excellent choice to keep on your reloading shelf.
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