BARNES 6.5(.264)120g TTSX BULLET TIPPED-BT 50/bx

BARNES 6.5(.264)120g TTSX BULLET TIPPED-BT 50/bx
BARNES 6.5(.264)120g TTSX BULLET TIPPED-BT 50/bx
BARNES 6.5(.264)120g TTSX BULLET TIPPED-BT 50/bx
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Product Information

The TTSX bullet adds a streamlined polymer tip to the company’s best-selling Triple-Shock X Bullet. The polymer tip and re-engineered nose cavity mean even faster expansion. The tip also boosts BC, improving long-range ballistics. The Tipped TSX™ features a 100-percent copper, lead-free body. Multiple rings cut into the shank relieve pressures and virtually eliminate copper fouling. The rings also contribute to the bullet’s outstanding accuracy. Hydraulic pressure forces the nose of the TTSX bullet open, causing it to expand instantly on contact. Double-diameter expansion creates four cutting petals that wreak extensive internal damage. The bullet retains virtually 100 percent of its original weight as it produces pass-through penetration. Count on this bullet to exit the far side of deer or elk, even when heavy bones are struck. Exceptional TTSX performance means clean, quick kills.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Accurate Bullets

By Scott B. on Nov 14, 2023
Gave them a run in my 264 with some some starting charges, just to check for initial speeds. Well, I end up with 5 in about inch without much load work or adjusting seating depth. I know they'll work great on animals as other Barnes have for many others.

Barnes 120 TTSX bullets

By Rodney B. on Nov 02, 2023
These are very good bullets. Have reloaded quite a few and they are accurate in my AR as well my bolt gun. Grafs has great pricing and they were in stock. Shipping was quick and everything was good. Thanks Grafs and Barnes.

Excellent Choice

By Steve T. on Aug 22, 2023
After trying three bullet options for my new 6.5 Creedmoor, this one worked out to be the best choice with excellent accuracy at about 0.4 MOA with 3 shot groups.

Barnes 120 grain TTSX

By BRUCE J. on Jul 17, 2023
This a great bullet that I use in my 6.5 06 AI and get great accuracy and performance with this bullet on whitetails and mule deer. Almost never a tracking job. Thanks to Grafs for supplying us with such great products and service.


By Chad S. on Aug 10, 2018
Sub 0.5 MOA 4 shot groups from my CZ 557 6.5x55.

Great Bullet

By Gary W. on Oct 21, 2015
This bullet may be the best bullet for high speed cartridges in this caliber that I have tried in the last 40 years. If you are pushing 3000fps+ this bullet simply works. From whitetails at 25yards to an Axis buck at 200 they do not go far, and the blood trail, a blind man could find.
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