BARNES 50cal 290gr T-MZ BULLET BT w/SABOT 24/bx

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BARNES 50cal 290gr T-MZ BULLET BT w/SABOT 24/bx

Product Information

Barnes’ Spit-Fire TMZ muzzleloader bullet delivers exceptional long-range performance. This high ballistic coefficient hunting bullet features a boattail design and 100 percent copper construction, along with a specially designed streamlined polymer tip to enhance expansion. Designed specifically for hunting, it retains its integrity even at extreme velocities, while functioning reliably at impact speeds as low as 1050 feet per second (fps). On striking game, this exceptionally accurate bullet expands into six razor-sharp copper petals for maximum tissue damage. Creates massive shock and deep, sure penetration while retaining virtually 100 percent of its original weight. Contains no lead that can fragment or separate. Be sure to use the Barnes aligner tool specific to each Barnes muzzleloader bullet style, sold separately.

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