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There are other primer seaters on the market, but none quite like our exclusive Forster Co-Ax® Primer Seater. Unlike other seaters, ours is designed so the operator can eliminate all slop when working with a specific cartridge. That translates into perfect seating, reliable ignition and reduced misfires. No additional shell holders are required. The E-Z-Just jaws close to securely grip most modern rifle and pistol cases with a rim thickness of .045" to .072". Large and small primer tubes have an open slot and primers stack sideways for added safety.

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Perfect tool

By Tim C. on Dec 23, 2014
Having now primed over 5000 rounds with this tool I can say without qualification this is the finest priming tool I have ever used. It allows me to “perfectly” feel the primer seat in the primer pocket. I also know instantly if the primer is seated to the depth I want. There are so many pluses in this tool it is hard to give them all. At the top of this list has to be the fact there is no shell holder to fiddle with; one can prime cases with any head size with a quick clean adjustment of the Forsters E-Z-Just jaws.

Bench top priming

By Bill S. on Oct 28, 2013
As with all Forester products, "THE BEST"

Nice for tired hands

By Marcus F. on Jan 03, 2013
Arthritic hands are painful for me when using the hand held priming tools. The feel of the primer seating on the Forster bench unit is the best of any primer seater I've used, which includes two versions of the Lee hand tool, the RCBS hand tool, the Hornady hand tool, and the auto feed on my Hornady LNL AP press. My gripes are the primer tube only holds about 45 LR primers and you have to hold the primers in the tube while inverting it if the tool is bench mounted. Clamping to the bench worked for me and allowed me to easily remove it for primer tube insertion. The normal use of my hands the day after priming duties is worth the nit picks above, to me.
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